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Jon Stewart joined the crowd of critics who took Jay Z to task for not addressing the recent “Shop & Frisk” incidents at Barneys, a company he is partnering with to sell clothes for charity during the holidays.

Shoppers Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips were stopped  and detained by undercover police to verify their debit cards after purchasing high-priced items at Barney’s creating an uproar. Stewart and correspondent Larry Wilmore called out Jay Z for playing it safe when he has been very loud on other issues.

“Jay Z doesn’t care about Black people,” Wilmore joked, echoing Hov’s brother Kanye West’s comments about President George Bush. “I don’t blame him. Jay Z is too big a commercial force to rail against the dangers of the ‘the man,’ he is the danger! He is the one who frisks! He’s not Jay Z! He’s Jay Z Penney! He used to be a groundbreaking rapper and now he shows up at groundbreakings.”


“Daily Show” writer (and TUD contributor) Travon Free Tweeted that he was pretty sure that after last night’s sketch he and Jay Z would not be friends.


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