The divorce between Big Boi and his estranged wife Sherlita Patton has just got real!

According to the blog CreamBMPDaily, Sherlita claimed she found inappropriate photos of fellow Outkast member Andre 3000 in her husband’s phone.

“The whole world wondering where Andre 3k been …just check Big Boi’s phone. He’s right there, naked,” she said during the divorce deposition on Wednesday. “You might see an Outkast porno before you’ll see another album.”

Later, Sherlita ‘s sister chimed in: “So you mean to tell me he’s gay AND has a tiny–weird penis. I’ma need him to pick a struggle.”

The rapper has yet to respond so we’ll take these allegations with a grain of salt. Celebrity divorces tend to get messy and the lines between truth and spite are often blurred.

As reported earlier, the mother of two filed to end her 11-year marriage in October. She cited the union was “irretrievably broken,’ and requested sole custody of their youngest child, plus spousal support.

9 thoughts on “Divorce Drama: Big Boi’s Estranged Wife Claims She Found Nude Pics Of Andre 3000 In His Phone

  1. ateasweet on said:

    If they gay they gay so what. Alot of men are that way long as there not spreading aids and making children they cant take care of so be it. I would be speaking and telling to me and my sisters and home girls. You know they like threesomes 2 girls one guy too especially if they dont like to give women head. Its possibly alot of truth in this but we are grown adults do what you will is the law.

  2. Tricia Moore on said:

    The wierd penis she referred to was Andre’s, not her husband’s…..and if he does have a wierd penis, it’s not like he can trade it in somewhere and get another one….we gotta deal with what we got at birth and make it work…..his wife should deal with the behavior allegedly committed and her sister should butt out and stop with the cheap shots.

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    Ahh the old “You Gay! You Gay!!” attack that black hoes do when a bruhs kicks their asses to the curb. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Yes. They cited a satire website. Journalism has been dead for some years now… BAW is no better than the satire sites apparently lol… at least their material is original.

  4. Wildflower on said:

    Another bitter scorn woman lashing out at a man she would still be with right now if he wanted her by playing the gay card. She laid beside him for 11yrs and had no idea he was gay? Laid in his bed and fucked and sucked on that “weird little dick” as her sister calls it (by the way her sister must have been sucking on it too to know what it looks like) for all those years and now it’s a problem? I think women like that must be crack whores then because only a woman under the influence of drugs will do such a thing or she is simply an angry scorned liar. If a man don’t want you then just move on sister. Don’t lower yourself to the level that no other man will want you either.

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