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Former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart joined the Tom Joyner Morning Show to give his side of his very publicized divorce from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Stewart; including, who really asked for the divorce first, whether he’s controlling or not, and he answers the question everyone has been asking: Is he gay?

According to Kordell, the couple is set to go to trial on November 21, 2013 to officially end their 22-month marriage. Read the entire interview below.


TOM JOYNER:  Kordell, are you there?


TOM JOYNER:  Oh, there he is.  Okay.

KORDELL STEWART:  I’ve been here, man.  I’ve been saying hello the whole time.  What the hell going on over there?

TOM JOYNER:  I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Kordell.

SYBIL WILKES :  No, let’s start with you.  What the hell is going on over there?


KORDELL STEWART:  Oh, that’s a good one.  I appreciate that.  That’s a good one.  I’m doing all right, y’all.  I’m doing all right.  How’s everybody.

TOM JOYNER:  You’re doing all right now?  Okay.  Okay.  I just want to start by saying, Kordell, I do not endorse this mess, because I know you want to clear things up.  You’re walking into, oh my, do you know what you – okay, Sybil, you first.

SYBIL WILKES :  Kordell.


SYBIL WILKES :  What is going on?  Why don’t you just tell us quickly, because all of this mess started, and of course, it was on one of the top television shows in all of this, was your marriage in trouble before you got into Real Housewives of Atlanta?

KORDELL STEWART:  Yeah, pretty much it was.  It was going in the direction that as the man of our family; I really didn’t like where it was going.  You know, you had too many voices on my marriage because of other people’s past, whether it’s a mom, and as you saw, from what I’ve seen, people mentioned to me, because I don’t watch the show, that she didn’t want her daughter to have happen to her what she had happen to her in her marriage.  And I’m like, you know, when you move forward in your life, you know, your children, you never want to inject or mention anything about what happened in your past to allow your daughter or son to be able to have a prosperous marriage.  Because what most parents do is they take whatever happened in their past and they inflict it in their kids by sometimes expressing themselves a little too much.

SYBIL WILKES :  But you all have only been married since 2011, right?

KORDELL STEWART:  It was 22 months to be exact.  Twenty-two months to be exact.  Well, let me put it to you this way, guys.  Let me steer it in this direction.  You know, I tried to be the best husband I could be to my wife.  I mean when you hear all the stuff on the show, from what I’ve seen and heard …

SYBIL WILKES :  Because you look pretty controlling.

KORDELL STEWART:  No, I’m not controlling, I’m just a man.  And all I try to do is support my wife.  You know, and …

SYBIL WILKES :  It didn’t look like you were supporting her in that either.

KORDELL STEWART:  When did you see that?  On an edited show?

SYBIL WILKES :  Yeah, that’s the only part we’ve seen, we don’t know the inside.

KORDELL STEWART:  Are you asking me?  Or do you want to determine what you saw?

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  I like that, that’s right, that’s right.  Tell her.

KORDELL STEWART:  I mean, what do you want from me?  Because I know you coming from a female perspective…

SYBIL WILKES :  Okay, my name is Sybil, not Porsha.  I’m just saying all I want to do is …

KORDELL STEWART:  But you’re talking at me, you’re not talking to me – talk to me …

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Let the man answer, Sybil.

KORDELL STEWART:  Let me talk to you.  When you, when I go out of my way to take care of my wife, I have an obligation and a responsibility to take care of my wife.  Regardless of an edited scene on a television, that’s Bravo’s job, to create what they create.  And when you saw the scene where I let her go to Vegas and LA, that was not the case.  I knew my wife was going on a trip with the girls regardless, because that was a part of the show.

All I asked was text me, let me know you made it, she did.  It went from there.  So when they came back from supposedly going to a strip club, my wife called me on the phone and said, babe they’re mad at me because I didn’t go to the strip club.  I said; why didn’t you go and have a good time with the girls?  Get on the stripper pole like everybody else would do.  And she said; well, I just didn’t want to go.  I said; well, they mad at you because you didn’t want to go?  I said; well, I’m 100 percent in with you, because you didn’t want to go.  That’s on you.

SYBIL WILKES :  I get that, I get that.  I get all of that about the editing and how you’re presented and everything.  When it comes down to a television marriage, a marriage that is shown on television and social media.  Is it true that you asked for a divorce using social media?

KORDELL STEWART:  No, I did not.  What I did, what my wife did many times at the house is, because she was coming home 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning.  I have a ten-year-old kid here that I was granted custody of, primary custody of my son at this house at ten years old.  When you’re in the streets after 10, 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock in the morning and we haven’t communicated the entire day, and when you come home and I ask you a question, if you’re my wife and I ask you a question; honey, what’s the deal?  Why are you coming home so late?  My son asked me; dad, is mom coming home?  I have an obligation to answer this kid.  Now what do I tell this kid when I don’t know where my wife because we’re not talking.

SYBIL WILKES :  What did you tell him?

KORDELL STEWART:  So when the response is, I said; she’ll be home in a minute, I think she’s working.  That’s all I can say.  I can’t lie.  I don’t know what’s going on, so I’m just going to give him that, thinking that’s what she’s doing.

SYBIL WILKES :  So was it more than staying out late that led to the divorce.  Obviously there were other issues.

KORDELL STEWART:  So when she responded to me, she responded to me saying, I do what I want to do, I’m grown.  I said; you’re grown?  I said, come on, baby, you can’t do that.  I said; this little boy is in the house.  We can’t do that.  That’s not how it goes.  Come on, talk with me, communicate with me.  This is not good.  So it got to the point where she done it a few more times.  And I said; Porsha, we can’t do this.  She said, well, you know what to do.  I said; what you mean you know what to do?  Well, file for divorce.

SYBIL WILKES :  So she suggested that.  And you?

KORDELL STEWART:  So this is her suggestion.  So when she suggested it the third time, she came back, she said; file for divorce because I don’t have nothing to lose.  She said; the problem is, I don’t have money to file for divorce.

SYBIL WILKES :  Where did the gay rumors come from, Kordell?

KORDELL STEWART:  Well, let me say this about these gay rumors.  I heard some stuff on the show where my wife didn’t give a definitive answer on when the girls ask her this question, and neither did the mom about the image and all this stuff.

Let me give it to you like there here.  When I gave my wife this six and a half, seven carat yellow diamond ring I wasn’t gay. When I said I’m giving my wife this million dollar wedding, he wasn’t gay.  When I financed her entire wardrobe, from top to bottom, travel included, I wasn’t gay.  When I put her mama on a first class flight, with me and my wife down to Miami, to help her daughter pick a gown, neither one of them had nothing to say.  I wasn’t gay.  Okay?

When the wife, when her mama came in this house and wanted to have Thanksgiving dinner here, and we travel on the road to see the in-laws or the other family and be at family reunions, I wasn’t gay.  But as soon as I don’t want her daughter, no more.  As soon as I want to move on with my life, because I don’t want to be with her daughter no more… Now I’m gay.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Now you’re gay.  Now you’re gay.

TOM JOYNER:  Now you’re gay.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  You won that one, man.

TOM JOYNER:  Yeah.  All right.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  You the winner, you got it.  You got it.

KORDELL STEWART:  Does that answer that question?


J. ANTHONY BROWN:  You got it, man.

TOM JOYNER:  Kordell …

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  You got it, Kordell.

TOM JOYNER:  You answered that question.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  You got it, Kordell.

SYBIL WILKES :  Kordell, are you divorced now?

KORDELL STEWART:  We’ll be divorced; we go to trial on the 21st of November.