Sanaa Lathan admitted that nothing about her character’s nine month pregnancy in “The Best Man Holiday” was cute.

“Just in terms of a female vain perspective, I was like, well damn,” the actress said to laughter during interviews for the film over the weekend.

The sequel to 1999’s “The Best Man” sees the original group of college friends reuniting during the holiday season, but not without old romances heating up and forgotten rivalries getting in the way.

Lathan’s character Robin Stewart, married to Harper (Taye Diggs), is just about to burst in the sequel, opening Nov. 15.

“It’s not like three or four months where it’s cute. It’s niiiine months,” said Lathan. “But you know what, that kind of energy of ‘well damn,’ is kind of what women feel in their ninth month, so it kind of worked.”

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