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One of the White teens who posted a picture dressed in Blackface because she’s a “n***er” for Halloween, responded to criticism by saying that Black people need to stop worrying about her costume and start worrying about finding their fathers.

The two little Klansladies-in-training, @kinkystyles and @dobebeiber, proudly showed off their costumes, with the tweet: “me & @kinkystyles are n**ers this Halloween 🙂

The photo quickly went viral after being tweeted by Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson:

After offended Black people on Twitter challenged @dobebeiber about the ignorant and racist costume, she further showed her true (lack of) color with the following tweets:

@Kinkystyles, apparently, felt that Black people just aren’t patriotic enough:

This incident caps two weeks of tasteless costumes.

As previously reported by NewsOne, actress and dancer Julianne Hough issued an apology after dressing in Blackface as the character “Crazy Eyes” from the hit Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black.”

The NBA’s Utah Jazz issued an apology yesterday for tweeting a picture of a White fan dressed as veteran player Karl Malone for Halloween.

A viral photo of a White teen dressed in Blackface as a dead Trayvon Martin continues to make the rounds on social media.

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