ASHBURN, Va. (AP) — Mike Shanahan says Albert Haynesworth is “lazy” and has a “lack of passion” and “lack of character.”

The Washington Redskins coach on Thursday responded to comments made by Haynesworth this week.

Haynesworth told Tennessee Sports Radio that Shanahan is “conniving,” self-centered and will run quarterback Robert Griffin III “into the ground.”

Shanahan and Haynesworth clashed frequently during the coach’s first year in Washington in 2010. Haynesworth was eventually traded and went down as one of the biggest free agent busts in NFL history.

Shanahan says, “When you don’t get along with somebody as a head coach or an assistant coach, it usually falls into one of those areas — lazy, lack of passion, and a lot of times lack of character. And he fits all three.”

(Photos: AP)

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7 thoughts on “Shanahan on Haynesworth: ‘Lazy, Lack of Passion’

  1. Uncle G on said:

    This is one time that I have to agree with the White person. Coach Shanahan is right. Haynesworth is greedy and selfish and has not wanted to play ever since he got that big contract. He should be arrested for “theft by deception” for not living up to his contract. He’s a punk and everything Coach Shanahan says about him is true. This is not about race. How could it be if Coach Shanahan has worked with Black players his whole life. Stop siding with a lackluster player like Haynesworth!

  2. I suspect that both comments are probably true. I have heard both things said about both men. if I were RGIII, I would keep these statements about his coach in the back of my mind.

  3. Sexy Leroy on said:

    He was right about McNabb and he is right about Haynesworth. Aint about race- daYYUm!! If it was he would have NEVER been in the league.

  4. When Shanahan was the Denver Broncos’ coach, my friends would make comments about his disposition towards Blacks. At the time, I never thought much of their statements because I was not a Broncos fan. However, when Shanahan first went to coach the Redskins, he wanted to get rid of Griffin BEFORE the season! When the owner told Shanahan that he would never get rid of Griffin, it seemed as though Shanahan would come up with faulty plays to get Griffin hurt – running Griffin down.
    Is Shanahan racist? I don’t know but I am so sure Campbell and Sharpe could answer the question.

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