LOS ANGELES (AP) — The former doctor convicted of causing Michael Jackson’s death has been released from jail.

Jail records confirmed Conrad Murray‘s release Monday and the sheriff’s office said he left a downtown Los Angeles jail at 12:01 a.m.

The former cardiologist served less than two years in jail after being convicted in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter for Jackson’s June 2009 death. The pop superstar died after receiving a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol, which Murray was giving Jackson as a sleep aid.

Murray’s medical licenses remain suspended or revoked in three states where he previously practiced medicine.

Murray had been sentenced to serve four years behind bars, but a change in California law allowed his incarceration time to be significantly cut down.

12 thoughts on “Conrad Murray Released From Prison After 2 Years

  1. Amber calm down. You are going to have a heart attack. Which brings me to this question: Do you dislike Dr. Murray so much for what you feel he did to MJ? Would you let him treat you if you or a family member had heart attack today or tomorrow and were laying in the street with no hope of anyone helping. If he walked up to you and said I am Dr. Murray and I can help. Would you feel so strong and hateful then about him or would you let him help?


    • NO I do not hate Murray but I do work in a field in which we must follow rules like Murray. I guess because I know the rules and people like Murray give folks on these kinds of professions a bad name. Make NO excuse for him. Yes, MJ should have been more responsible HOWEVER, MJ did have a medical PROFESSIONAL who must follow DO NO HARM. If anyone is going to excuse Murray when it comes to MJ and medicine, then everyone need to excuse the police in the field of law enforcement when they beat speeding suspects who should know better than to break the law. This is just like some folks saying Trayvon Martin should not have been hanging out late dressed in hoody. Does that excuse the ADULT (Zimmerman) in killing Trayvon? NO. Same with Murray.

    • IF (and that is a big IF because I know CPR so I would NOT need his help) I had a family member in the street who was having a heart attack, I would let a cat try to help that family member IF I did NOT know what to do; however, that is slim chance of that happening and I still would NOT let my family member under Murray care when it comes to check up and as a REGULAR doctor to visit. I did NOT say I hate Conrad Murray but I do blame him more for what happen because he was the doctor who should have known better and he did the injection and he left Michael unattended. If I am on a stranded on road with wild dogs running around and no help and George Zimmerman was riding by, I would get ride if he would pick me up; however, I am not going to try and be his friend or allow him to be over a community group. Get it.

  2. the Timekeeper on said:

    No, Dr. Murray is not a scapegoat. But he is not a muerder either. He is simply guilty of malpractice which is why he did go to prison. I know a lot of people want to blame him for MJ’s death. and if so thatr is your privelege. I was ( and still am) a huge MJ fan,always will be. That having been said, a Drig Addict is going to find his drugs no matter what. I have seen all the tricks and stunts over the years that addcits do to get what they want. Michael, truth be told was no exception. This is by no means to excuse Dr. Murray. But somebody would have gotten Michael drugs, you can beleive that!

    • People need to learn the difference between a drug addict and some who has dependency. MJ WAS NO DRUG ADDICT. HE did NOTuse meds to get high, he used meds because he had a REAL medical problem which was sleeping. It does NOT matter what other doctors gave MJ or anyone else, the bottom line, MURRAY gave Michael the injections for sleep and messed up while talking to his baby moma and NOT proforming the correct CPR. and MJ went to the CORRECT people for help which is DOCTORS. I still hold DOCTORS more responsible for this. MJ was too thin, Murray was paid $150,000 to one ONE PATIENT and he could NOT even do that correct. This is NOT a malpractice issue because it was NOT done in the hospital or under MEDICAL RULES and a mistake was made. This was straight up a homicide. That why Murray went to jail. Murray is a drunk driver. You might not intended to kill but you did while being under the influence of something which was money and the rules of medicine which is DO NO HARM. Murray was the doctor NOT JACKSOn. Even if MJ would have went to someone else, that still does NOT let Murray off the hook. That will only mean another doctor could have been in jail if MJ would have died under his/her care. IT changes NOTHING because you can NOT guess what may or may not happen in the future. THis drug is safe IF used correctly.

      • the Timekeeper on said:

        Hello Tammy.

        Thank you for your passionate reply. but I stilll stand by waht i said. Propoful, simply happened to be his Drug of choice. No, it isnt the usual drugs we thi8nk of, but it is still a drug just the same No need to be hostile due to a disagreement, lets leave that to the Ted Cruz’ of the world. Like I said, I am on no way, shape or form, excusing. Dr. Murray. Only to say MJ would have found someone who would have performed those acts. Drug addcits alwyys do, and yes he was a drig addict. Addicted to Prpofol. If this bursts your bubble about Michael, sorry. But I have seen worse in my life from normal everyday folks who were terrific but couldnt get past it. So, dont be mad, this is my perspective and I will always be a huge fan of MJ. I just ahppen to be a realisitc one.
        Have a blessed day!.

  3. Railroaded? Are you serous? This guy was wrong. He injected MJ. He ordered the meds. HE did NOT know how to do CPR even AFTER he found MJ not breathing and could have called 911 quicker instead of covering up what he did. What doctors did in the past did NOT kill MJ, what THIS DOCTOR did is what killed MJ. At least the doctors in the past knew what they were doing. He will NEVER get a license again. And who is MURRAY going to sue? What will be his arguement. The fact that Murray was the doctor and did something UNETHICAL alone can make the Jacksons sue him. The Jacksons will win against Murray than AEG.

    • Good for him? For what being a bad doctor. If he was doing what a doctor was suppose to do, MJ would be alive and he would not have been in jail. He injected the drugs and gave MJ too much. His is as fault. Murray had the license and the medical laws to follow.

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