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“I’m past the bulls**t  now. I’m not dangerous.” – Chris Brown

Chris Brown is a foul-mouthed, self-destructive mess.

The troubled Grammy Award-winning singer is in trouble again. He spent the weekend locked in a Washington, D.C. jail for allegedly punching a guy in the face. Brown could go to prison if a judge determines that he violated his probation stemming from his assault on Rihanna, his ex-girlfriend, in 2009.

But Brown caught a break Monday — sort of. Charges against him were reduced to misdemeanor simple assault instead of a felony. He still faces a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted. The judge set a preliminary hearing for November 25.

It seems that Brown hasn’t truly changed his rowdy ways; he just finds different people to punch.

Brown had several options to avoid trouble this weekend. If the story is correct and Parker did jump in the photo, then so what?

Instead of fighting, Brown could have simply walked away. He could have walked back into the W hotel and let his bodyguard handle the situation. After all, that’s what Brown pays bodyguards to do.

Is it really worth repeated arrests and being incarcerated? I wonder if Brown just doesn’t care that he is spiraling out of control — or whether he is completely unable to control his anger. Maybe Brown is not getting the emotional support he really needs.

Outside court Monday, a friend of Brown’s uncle said that he didn’t believe the reports. “I don’t believe it happened the way they said it happened,” said Tommy Sanders. “We’ll find out.”

Perhaps Sanders is right. Maybe Brown didn’t throw the first punch, but he allowed himself to be part of the brawl. However this drama plays out, the Brown bad-boy image is getting old. Brown has rage issues. He’s a violent man. The law knows it. His fans know it. And, I assume, his mother knows it, too.

Brown is gifted, but he constantly makes boneheaded decisions. And he refuses to grasp this simple concept: He can’t go around punching people whenever he wants and wherever he wants. And for some unexplained reason, Brown feels he is above the law.

Brown’s latest violent outburst happened Sunday morning. According to the DC police report, Isaac Adams Parker, 20, of Beltsville, Maryland, was trying to sneak into a photo being taken of Brown.

Brown allegedly told Parker “I’m not into that gay s**t” and “I feel like boxing.”

He then allegedly punched Parker in the face. Christopher Hollosy, reported to be Brown’s bodyguard, stepped in between Brown and Parker, and also punched Parker in the face. Hollosy was also arrested.

Brown, who is now 24, is a grown man and he needs to start acting like one. I don’t know if his mother gives him the advice he needs or whether Brown ignores it.

But I do know this: If Brown continues down this dangerous path, he could wind up in prison because he has such disdain for the law.

Here’s what Brown said about the community service he was ordered to complete after a recent hit-and-run violation.

“Community service, that sh** is a bitch. I’ll be honest – and you can quote me on that. …For me, I think it’s more of a power trip for the DA. I can speak freely now, because I don’t really care what they say about it, but as far as, like, the 1,000 extra hours they gave me, that’s totally fricking bananas.”

Meanwhile, Brown’s rap sheet – and his reputation as brutal knucklehead — is growing fast.

He was involved in a 2001 fight with singer Drake at a New York nightclub. He also fought with singer Frank Ocean and others during an argument about a parking space outside of a recording studio in Los Angeles. Brown pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault and received five years’ probation.

Brown is due back in court Nov. 20 in Los Angeles to update a judge on his probation. Prosecutors could seek a revocation of his probation after his arrest in D.C. His court dates in DC and Los Angeles are five days apart.

After he was charged with beating up Rihanna in 2009, Brown wrote a controversial song called “Changed Man.”

I’m a changed man

‘Cause you mean that much to me

And I don’t wanna be done

I’m doing all that I can

And everybody hates Chris

They can never understand

Brown is right. I don’t understand. I don’t understand his violent tendencies. I don’t understand how he can beat up a woman. I don’t understand why he continues to self-destruct.

But he’s certainly a changed man: He’s gone from bad to worse.

(Photo: AP)

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