Move over T.I and Tiny, there’s a new reality TV family in town!

HelloBeautiful caught up with Flex Alexander and Shanice at the Los Angeles premiere of 12 Years A Slave, and they revealed that after months of meetings and filming their new reality show is almost done.

“We are closer now,” the “I Love Your Smile” singer said. “It’s definitely still in the works and it’s definitely still going to happen.”

Flex said he’s excited to add more positive images of Black families on TV, and he knew his wife would be the perfect person because she’s “a reality show queen.”

“I am a reality show junkie,” Shanice chimed in, laughing. “We are going to be producers on it so we can over see everything and make sure we are looking good and the kids are in the best light.”

The mother of two said that their children, 12-year-old Imani and 9-year-old Elijah, will also be on the show.

“Our kids want to be in front of the camera for some reason. Maybe watching what I do and what Flex does our kids want to do it too,” she said. “So we are excited about it and we didn’t have any issues.”

The lovebirds, who’ve been married for 13 years, said prayer and communication is the key to their successful marriage.

“I think those are the two most important things,” Flex explained. “You are going to have ups and you are going to have downs and to be able to work through that and talk about things [is great.]“

“And then keep it fun and exciting,” Shanice added. “Like date nights!”

The actor and singer have yet to reveal a premiere date for the new show, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

One thought on “Flex & Shanice Reveal Details On Upcoming Reality Show [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. With reality shows, there is “reality” and being unrealistic. Reality shows only thrive and are successful (lots of viewers tuning in) when things are messy, fights, arguing, drama, etc. These 2 are christians and lets me real, a show with a christian couple with kids just may not last long. I would LOVE to see it do well and I wish we could have more positive black imagines, but the REALITY is that a positive reality show doesn’t last. Money and TV ratings are what matter the most. Reality show history shows the chances of that type of thing lasting isn’t too good. I wish them the best though. Who knows.

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