Kandi Burruss’ mom is not feeling her daughter’s fiancé –at least not enough to give the couple her blessing for them to wed.

It’s been almost a year since Kandi and Todd Tucker became engaged, but it seems her mother hasn’t quite given her stamp of approval yet.

We’re “still working on the approval,” Kandi recently told Fox Atlanta.

In the season 6 super trailer, Mama Joyce seems to accuse Todd of being an opportunist and even hints that he’s having an affair with one of Kandi’s friends. Scandalous!

“When it comes to relationships and things, mothers—not just my mother—have a problem letting go,” said Kandi; whose new stage play, “A Mother’s Love,” will focus on that theme.

“It’s inspired by my relationship with my mother,” she said about the production. “It goes through the tough times. Obviously, at the end, it’s a wonderful happy ending.”

Kandi’s already made gains as music producer, singer, reality star and businesswoman, but she believes that producing plays will help take her to the next level.

“I’m trying to do it all, and I want to continue to do more,” she said. “I look up to people like Tyler Perry…I want to continue to take it bigger and better.”

As for her pending nuptials, Kandi didn’t clarify whether her mom’s concerns would delay her marriage with Todd.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans will have to watch season 6, premiering Tuesday, November 3, to find out if Mama Joyce warms to Kandi’s boo.

18 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker Still Await Mama Joyce’s Approval

  1. Kathleen Byron on said:

    Kandi, as a respiratory therapist, please consider your mom may have some sort of dementia going on, my mom has Alzheimer’s and the behavior early on was similar. There are also other things that cause this, such as vascular dementia, or even severe vitamin B deficiency. Hang in there, and God bless you.

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  4. motorfingaz on said:

    Girl, if you keep waiting for an approval from your hard up bitter mother….you will be husbandless for the rest of your life!

    Grow up Kandi!

  5. Regarding Kandi and Todd: Sometimes it is because of the experiences that us older women have gone through that makes us (six sense worthy) of knowing what we are talking about when it comes down to love and any other life experience. Sometimes younger people cannot see the forrest for the trees either because they don’t want to see or they cannot see it because they haven’t had enough experience in life to know. Kandi Burress has a lot to lose if she is not careful and that is what her mother is worried about, along with not wanting to see her daughter hurt!!

  6. Mama Joyce is Right on said:

    Maybe more mothers should be like Mama Joyce. Kandi is wealthy, she has a great daughter and other wonderful things going for herself, but she seems to have low self esteem. She can do better and her mother knows it. Im proud of Mama Joyce for being logical instead of just being happy “her baby got herself a man”.

    Mama Joyce really liked Todd in the beginning, now she has doubts. If Todd was a real man and was there for Kandi, he would have no problem signing the prenupt. I bet its a lot of ex nba and nfl players wishing they had Mama Joyce to talk to them straight.

  7. Queenla on said:

    Enough is enough! Momma Joyce needs to sit down somewhere. She did not approve of the previous fiance and now she at it again with Todd. Momma Joyce – you have done a wonderful job of raising Kandi to be a wonderful women; who can make decision on her own. She is a good business women and mother – just leave her alone and let her be happy. Why – are you so messy????

  8. Cynthia on said:

    Momma concerned about Kandi’s money, it’s call a prenup. Momma concerned about Kandi’s man cheating, Kandi’s problem. Momma needs to be more concerned about her one life, and find her a man. Then momma wouldn’t have time to worry about Kandi’s man, but her own. Is momma taking the blame for Kandi’s mistakes she’ made in her life? No. Who cares if momma approves or not. She’s mad because he wasn’t in agreement of her moving in. Set a date Kandi, your momma will get over it. Do it before your man decides, momma has to much control/say in your life and leaves you.

  9. Well said Paris! I agree, it’s time for Mama Joyce to step down and let her grown daughter make her own decisions. Mama needs to get a life. Do something with her time, volunteer work, travel, whatever. If she had more to do on her own, she wouldn’t be so integrated in her daughter’s life.

    To Kandi….just make sure homie signs the pre-nup. Don’t let good times shaking the sheets lower your guard. GET THE PRE-NUP SIGNED before wedded bliss!!!

  10. It appears that Kandi like her men on the dependent side. She need to get the prenup agreement signed and have a good time while it last and forget about her mom. Her mom just don’t understand tha Kandi is looking for a warm body and you know the rest.

  11. Christina on said:

    Kandi’s mother is just being protective because Kandi is worth over $30 million why shouldn’t her mother be concerned. She asked ole boy to sign a prenup which is good, but her last man was not about much had too many kids and he did not have nearly what she has. Her mother should back off a bit, but when your rich your mother or father are going to look out for you. I remember Nene saying on a reunion show word on the street Kandi likes paying for men lol.

  12. I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know the relationship between Kandi, her fiance and mother. But I do know that SOME people value their parents opinion when it comes to marriage. You can’t tell me that mothers can (for the most part) see right through the people their kids are involved with. Sometimes their kids can be blinded by love or too close to the situation to see somethings. Mothers CAN!! Good mothers are protective and don’t want to see their kids make mistakes if they can help it. Kandi apparently holds her mothers blessing of the marriage in high regard. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Not sure if this is all JUST for the TV show and a story line though. At the end of the day though, its Kandi’s decision and her life. If the mother doesn’t like him, she just doesn’t like him and is entitled to her opinion as Kandi’s MOTHER. Espcially if Kandi is seeking out her mom’s opinion and blessing. This situation may not be the same for every mother/daugther relationship.

  13. I guess it’s makes for a good story line for the show. Kandi needs to grow up and stop wanting her mother’s approval. She’s an adult for goodness sake. Her mother doesn’t have to live with him on a daily basis. If she waits for someone else’s approval when it comes to a major decision in her life she’s crazy. Mama Joyce needs to say her peace and step away and let her grown ass daughter make her own mistakes.

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