Video of an adorable little girl freestyling at her dance recital has gone viral.

Folks on social media have fallen in love with the girl, and for good reason. Dressed in the cutest of tutus, the girl seems to be in her own world as her classmates stick diligently to the routine. The crowd laughs at her dance and cheers at the end of the performance.

On the other hand, the tap dance of the obviously only black girl in a class of white girls has sparked an uneasy feeling in some on social media. Is she simply dancing to her own tune (literally)? Is her performance reminiscent of a scene out of Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled”? Or has she simply had too much sugar?

Watch and let us know what you think.

Is this simply an adorable performance or does it make you feel uneasy?

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55 thoughts on “Adorable or Awkward? Black Girl Does Her Own Thing During Dance Recital (WATCH)

  1. common sense on said:

    It’s not black, it’s not white, it’s not in need of critique, it’s just funny. It would have won American’s funniest home videos hands down. Who doesn’t know a kid like this, black, white or otherwise. What do you do about it, you call them to dance at all the family functions and you let the parents worry if there is a bigger problem or not. If there is, you let them dance on stage and teach them to listen in school. Sometimes you just need to laugh and move on.

  2. Why is always racial? Why can’t this child have a mind, body, and soul of music playing in her head? Why can’t she be a genius that dances to a different drummer? The other kids are NOT sticking to the routine. They seem seriously lost and in their own world also. This lovely child hears music in a different way and is expressing herself.

    • W McGee on said:

      This is not good…

      The video of the three year old was entertaining. She is a real entertainer at heart… Not a chorus line dancer or background singer.. She was enjoying the moment and excited to be performing she maybe hyper but she is three and loves performing… Did you see Howard she was singing the song at the end and happy to blow a kiss to the.crowd the celebrated after it was over… Lady gaga, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Grace Jones, Beyoncé, Cher all outrageous to some people but none are background performers or go a long to get a long with the group… A star is born.. She’s three years old and hears the music differently, feels the beat differently, sees the audience and just gets fired up… And excited… It’s SHOWTIME !! move over world here I come!

      • W McGee on said:

        When I said this is not good I was referring to the fight video between the two girls… The video of of the Little Sista dancing was entertaining and exciting.. As a performer I can relate to being on stage with all those people watching something takes over and you do what you do!

  3. First of all she is a toddler who did her own thing she didn’t follow the routine so what! What does that have to do with white vs. black? The other white girls were off too they didn’t have it down packed. & whites being better than blacks? The only reason why whites score higher than blacks on those tests is because whites are given a better education system and greater resources than blacks. Blacks schools have older textbooks and limited amount of AP classes versus whites. So before you start comparing education and how smart Whites vs. Blacks are you need to do your research. As a Black women myself I am up there with the whites at a prestigious university studying pre-med psychology preparing to get into a masters program then a doctorate. People like you and others who view race as why people act a certain way or think a certain way is absolutely mind-blowing because genetically no one is inferior to anyone! I hate this society but I will be one of the African American people who make it without cheating like majority of the white students do here and who worked her butt off to get everything she has.

  4. natedogii on said:

    Oh please this was a child that knows nothing of being black or white just being a kid you bitches need to get a fuc…. life

  5. It would have been nice if she could have stayed focused and in tune with her classmates; she had a lot of energy and her own agenda!

  6. A lot of you really need to get your eyes checked. She wasn’t the only black child, you have to look fast at the first second or two of this video, the second child on the far left appears to be black or of color. Also, for most of the video on this page you only see 3-4 of the little girls and the last one was a little lost on her steps and I’m willing a lot more of them weren’t in tuned with each other. The two white girls to her right weren’t always doing the same thing and often were using different hands. If nothing else she was way more in time with the music than the others. Why is this about race for most of you people???? Do you think that most of the clapping at the end was for all of the cast…….Noooooooooooo.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      Most of the clapping at the end was the black family who arrived late and disrupted the other patrons. EST = Eastern Standard Time, BPT= Black People Time, which is 20-40 minutes after everyone else has arrived.

  7. tee money on said:

    I can’t blame the child for behaving in a manner to which she is accustomed. If anything “this is an early indication as to where she needs to focus” so that she can be prepared for success in future endeavors. My point “watch the other little kids perform”, and note how the were steadfast focused on what they were supposed to be doing, and not allowing HER to distract them with her buffoonery.

  8. It looked like bafoonery is the worst way. Amos and Andy show in the 50’s. I was embarrassed just watching it. I don’t hold the little girl accountable, because she is a child. With that said, it is up to the parent’s to teach their children. If the little girl cannot retain, then place her in another art she will perform better at, and try dance lesson again when she get’s a little older. This poor child looked like she was hyped up on speed. Sorry I’m just being honest.

  9. Frances on said:


  10. Serpentine on said:

    Bamboozled, monkey shining, showing her ass, coonery buffoonery, etc., that’s what some of you have said about this little girl and her performance. The LITTLE GIRL, age what? Three or four years old tops. What the hell does she know about anything that some of you have labeled her? Common sense goes a long way. For the commenters that have a crystal ball and think they can see and also know the operation of someone else’ mind, maybe you should get off this board and get into a field where there is a need for mind reading. Plus, which of you have a stake in whether or not the other parent’s enjoyed the recital or not? I find it hard to believe that some are upset about a 3-4 year old child being a child, whether on stage or on the playground. I see why some kids have self-esteem issues. I have two kids. Grown now, but both were into the arts/entertainment. They also started early, and as a compassionate, caring and UNDERSTANDING parent, I think I have some experience in children, as some of you. So, I think I’m safe when I say kids will be kids. They are brutally honest and do their own thing. We’re not talking about a child committing crimes here. There seems to be a double standard set her by the negative comments. Maybe because the audience makeup was a little bit different. If it was Sister Johnson’s daughter who did her own thing in the Christmas play, the comments would probably sound a little bit different, at least until you got home. Does “Bless her little heart” sound familiar?

    • Developmentally this child is at an age where the ability to retain multi-step directions, working memory and processing/recalling large amounts of information is not fully developed. Having been to these recitals time and time again I have seen where this age group has a difficult time. As someone mentioned earlier the instructor is usually to the side or in audience doing the routine so that the babies can follow along. To lay into this child is unfair.

  11. “Cooning” and “bufooning” are purposeful acts to garner attention, entertain and perform for an audience- more specifically an audience of another race- that is understood to be laughing at you. This little girl did none of that. You can see her singing and attempting the routine. She isn’t looking to the audience for approval of “bad behavior” or negative attention. She looks as if she genuinely is trying to do the routine. As black people we have become so obsessed and hyper-sensitive to assimilation and blending in that we scoff, ridicule and put down anyone who dares to laugh out loud and speak above a whisper; even when that person is a 3 or 4 year old baby.

    • You wouldn’t be if you had a child who worked hard to get ready for a performance but was distracted by another child getting in your child’s face, poking fingers in her face and stomping around while she’s was trying to impress her parents and teacher. Some people seem not to realize there were other children there to perform who had parents wanting to enjoy their children’s dance recital. I don’t think those parents thought this kind of behavior was cute.

  12. From the sounds of the audience applause watching the young ladies perform, all the negative comments posted about the performance are in the minority…exactly where they belong. Her performance was free, innocent, and joyous…leave the CHILD alone.

  13. LadyWho on said:

    when i first saw this last week. i was upset as i hate ‘buffoonery’ but it was a child being a child and i really LOL when she waved in her face… what i think is bad is it was the child on the end’s parents who actually recorded this. was it posted by them to humiliate the child even more….

  14. She is clearly talented, and possess a better stage presence than the other girls around her. People are too quick to label African American children as having ADD, ADHD or simply BAD BEHAVIOR. We must stop shaming children, I would say give her an Oscar for an original performance. Also the actions of a child do not carry the will and weight of an entire race. If any of you feel uncomfortable with who you are look in the minor and not at the computer screen. Too often children are taught to fit into boxes, and these boxes we create for them stifle their originality.She’s a superstar; reserve her a space on the Hollywood walk of fame because she most certainly deserves it.

    • Virginia on said:

      I wrote a similar response on another site about this little girl. I am astonished that people are denouncing a little 3 year old girl for being herself. She stood out on the stage, and will probably stand out on other stages too. When she’s older she probably will watch this video and laugh like most of us did, because she’ll know that she was a “ham” from the very beginning, comfortable in front of an audience.
      In fact, I’d really like to see her reaction and where she goes in the future. She’s precocious, and most kids don’t have that.

    • Go Baby Go on said:

      I agree, this little precious person is going places! I can totally relate…my son did the exact thing at the same age in a school recital. Private pre-school, mainly white. The dance routine was boring, the music drab…so, my cute little reindeer broke out in his own style! The audience broke out in laughter. The parent next to me said he’s got his own! Well yeah, richly melanated, talented kids do!

      • Go Baby Go on said:

        Also, fast forward 12 years…now my son is enrolled at one of only three art high schools in the world. Yeah, 43k a year, but he got a scholarship based on his talent. During the admission interview we had to bring a portfolio of his performances over the years…well I included the video from when he was 3 yrs old. The admission committee watched it and laughed…as for my son, laughing all the way to the bank baby!

  15. Wow, no wonder we have kids commiting suicide in Middle school..bullying is obvious learned from the parents. Has anyone noticed that these are children! All of you supposedly grown folks making racist comments about a child being bamboozled and monkey shining ought to be ashamed. If you noticed the other girls (the ones i could see) didn’t have the steps down either…Why? Because they are kids. She was having fun. I’m sure if she were white the comments would be very different. Get a life.

    • Serpentine on said:

      Moe, I totally agree with you. People are so hypocritical, and mean. If it was their child up there, I seriously doubt they would be pitching a bitch because she didn’t keep to the routine. I’m sure after it was all said and done, they would grab up their baby and say she did a great job. It is not that serious. They’re babies. Some of you people need to get a grip and deal with your own issues and stop projecting them on a 3-4 year old little girl.

    • Yeah. I kind of think the little girl on her right may have been feeling bullied. She couldn’t even concentrate on her own performance because of this child poking her hand in her face, making faces and stumbling around. I think the bully in this case was Little Miss Look At Me. Didn’t know the routine, so none of the other parents got to enjoy their children’s performance. The other children did a commendable job of ignoring the distraction, but if any parent were trying to video their child’s performance, it had to be frustrating. This was just bad.

  16. All woman on said:

    She is a child for Goodness sake! She has more personality then some of these idiots that is making cruel comments on a little child dancing!! You people kill me with your self righteous Bulls$&@..

    • The others were children too. I’m sure they have personalities too. Fortunately, they knew the difference between showing personality and showing your ass.

  17. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    She was cute she is Broadway Bound, She was really into the song and the beat. Her ending was memorable. LOVED IT!!!!!!

    • Yeah. It is memorable. Especially for the parents of all the other children who couldn’t enjoy their performances because of all the hootin’ and hollerin’ going on. This reminded me of a Hot Ghetto Mess video I just saw of a nappy headed, snaggletooth drunk singing in public while the people around him clapped and egged him on. He is memorable. But I don’t think Broadway will be knocking down his door any time soon. Hers either.

  18. Jiggy5 on said:

    She obviously didn’t have the capacity to learn the routine, like the other students, so why not just play the fool and go for attention. No doubt she has witnessed similar behavior from her “role models”

    • Jiggy, you’re a fool who always have something negative to say about anything and anyone Black on this board.
      why are you here? Why don’t you just go away. What I saw from little mama was plenty of the same routine. From the finger on the jaw and other points.Just with more flare.. Go somewhere else and get a rise, please.

  19. Sexy Leroy on said:

    Some kind of ADD or her mammy was on crack when she was conceived and the child cannot help it…either way it IS NOT adorable.

  20. The Geode on said:

    You can’t be a “coon” your whole life if you don’t start early. Her ONLY saving grace is that she didn’t try to twerk or “drop it like’s hot” like we teach most of our little girls to do.

  21. the Timekeeper on said:

    This is one of those videos that is going to cause a reaction, and someone is going to be offended no matter what. Someone said it isnt her fault, I bet her parents are a great influence. And yes, I believe that is very true.

  22. stephanie on said:

    i have been to many toddler/children recitals and NONE of them know the steps. they follow the teacher that is either off the side of the stage or in the front of them. this little girl was adorable and you naysayers obviously do not have children or have compassion.

  23. Serpentine on said:

    She’s a cutie, and everyone knows that kids say and do the darnest things. She was dancing to the beat of a different drum. Leave her alone. I saw the other week on tv, two little white girls fighting on stage at a dance recital. I don’t recall the author commenting about whether their actions were adorable or awkward.

    Huffington Post – “Parents gathered in the audience to watch their 2-year-old prima ballerinas plié and possé to a delightful cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” during a dance recital. But some of the toddlers ditched choreography for a bit of … improv.

    “My daughters first dance recital and she gets into a fight.”

    As you’ll see in the clip above, one ballerina pushed another, smaller, dancer who didn’t let size keep her from fighting back.

    A wise YouTube commenter calls the brawl the “inevitable Black Swan prequel.” The Daily What says it’s more like a precursor to “Mean Girls.”

  24. John Cantrell on said:

    No that wasn’t cute by any means, It was really embarrassing to me and I don’t even know the child. We as black people have got to stop all this Monkey shining. Congrats to the other young ladies for ignoring the only fool in the room!

  25. Looks like she forgot the steps and decided to keep moving. I don’t think she done it for attention. But if she does it again,that’s a different story.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      The other 3-4 y/o did a fine job of learning the routine and performing. Are you implying that blacks have a lesser capacity to mentally digest material?

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