It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the purchase of that ultra-expensive Ferrari that Jermaine Jackson bought last month is likely to come back to bite him in the butt.

According to a TMZ report, Jermaine is falling farther and farther behind in his child support payments. He’s on file as paying Alejandra Jackson $3K a month for 13-year-old Jermajesty and 17-year-old Jaafa, however,  he hasn’t made a payment in months.

Court docs obtained by TMZ show that of the $12K that he owes in back payments, he’s only coughed up a measly 85 bucks.

The L.A. County Child Support Services Dept. has filed papers asking a judge to hold Jermaine in contempt which could put him behind bars for 20 days.

This isn’t the first time Jermaine has slacked off.  He belatedly paid $80,000 back in March 2011 and gave up another $33K in back support this past May.  He’s also had his wages garnished.

Remember what we said about the car? If the current case goes before a judge, Jermaine is gonna have a hard time explaining how he paid $160K for a Ferrari last month and can’t pay child support.


4 thoughts on “Jermaine Jackson Ordered to Pay Child Support or Go to JAIL

  1. Last time I check his wife is gorgeous and rich. I’m sure he won’t have a hard time paying that support. He and his brothers need to make some new music. I don’t understand why these guys haven’t at least tried to produce a few new albums.

  2. Serpentine on said:

    The law continues to let this deadbeat off the hook. He’s laughing in their face. Why else would he go out and purchase that car? He’s not in jail, and if so, for only 20 days? Really? What’s the saying Eating steak on a hotdog budget. He should be driving a Hyundai.

  3. That family is whack and half-way crazy. Michael (the money maker) said that it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white and then spent thousands trying to get white with hair, skin, lips, nose. And he made sure that he had no black children. The others are no better. Jermaine (?) and a brother (Randy ?) had chidren by the same woman. “Here’s your ‘cousin/brother'”. And on and on with that family, which can support a team of plastic surgeons. Send him to jail and jail the others too. T

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