I already knew that radical Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has real contempt for President Barack Obama, but his recent racially-offensive joke was a broad slap at black people from Austin to Africa.

Cruz, speaking to a crowd in Houston, Texas, took a narrow-minded shot at Obama’s struggling website launch for the Affordable Care Act and managed to insult black people on two continents.

“You may have noticed that all the Nigerian email scammers have become a lot less active lately,” Cruz told the audience. “They all have been hired to run the Obamacare website.”

Really? A black joke? Republicans are nothing if not predictable. But it’s getting old.

By using “Nigerian” in his warped wisecrack, was Cruz deliberately trying to link Obama to scammers because Obama’s father is African? (Obama’s father is actually from Kenya, so perhaps Cruz also needs an Africa geography lesson.)

Or was Cruz trying to fire up his hate-filled conservative base by not-so-subtly introducing Obama’s African roots to the discussion of Obamacare, which Republicans are desperate to derail?

This is what passes for Republican leadership these days: Criticizing a black president through a sweeping generalization that African people are criminals. It’s slanderous, racially-offensive and, I believe, intentional.

Rep. Matt Cartwright called (D-PA) called Cruz’s joke misguided.

“Jokes about Nigerian scammers, you know, I wonder how much off the cuff that really was, and how calculated it was to appeal to Sen. Cruz’s base, many of whom believe that the president is from Africa,” Cartwright said this week on MSNBC.

Asked by host Michael Eric Dyson why Republicans play to “implicit” racial tensions, Cartwright said: “I don’t know that they’re doing that, Michael, but I will say that I suspect it. And whether they’re doing it on purpose, it does appeal to the people who think that way. There are, you know, a lot of fairly backward people that are a part of the base of people like Sen. Cruz. And comments like that just are right up their alley.”

I hope black and Latino Democrats in Texas remember this moment and vote against Cruz in next year’s mid-term elections.

In the wake of the GOP-driven 18-day government shutdown over Obamacare, 75 percent of Americans say most Republican members of Congress don’t deserve to be re-elected, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. A majority of those questioned blamed congressional Republicans for the government shutdown and said the president was the bigger winner in the deal to end the crisis.

But where is the outrage from black Republicans?  The GOP is aggressively trying to court black voters and claims to be a party of inclusion. And now, here is Cruz, telegraphing a message to his constituents that making racial jokes about Obama –and black people – is totally acceptable.

Cruz hasn’t offered an apology and unfortunately Republicans – black or white – have not demanded one. Their silence only condones Cruz’s bigotry.

Perhaps Cruz should pay attention to a letter that Obama sent to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) Wednesday regarding the continuation of the national emergency in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where violence has gripped the region.

But then again, Cruz would probably just make a joke about it since it involves Obama — and some place in Africa.

(Photo: AP)

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18 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘Nigerian E-mail Scammers’ Are Running Obamacare Website

  1. So this guy not even born or raised in the USA is dictating how the GOP should run their affairs. Anyways white Canadians are just as racist as white Americans.

  2. DeeDee on said:

    Wow! I am amazed over the multiple racist comments and actions of this Hispanic man. Is it not bad enough that he BSed us with Dr. Seuss, shutdown the government, incited a riot, destroyed federal property and had folks flying confederate flags? He just keeps on ticking.

  3. mike kincade on said:

    For the record the shut down wasn’t over delaying the start up because it wasn’t ready, they wanted to defund or delay the ACA to change who gets it and when they get it. Since no one said anything about it not being ready no one can say i told you so.

  4. I wonder how Cruz would respond if someone(especially the President) started playing to their base by making a joke about him involving his actions with the Mexican Cartel would that be funny to him, His Mexican father or his racist, bigoted base! Why doesn’t the Justice Dept. do something with these obviously slanderous comment from people(?) like him or the rest of the Tea Party or the GOP whose say such vicious, disrespectful things about a sitting President. They should have stop this BS when Joe Wilson publically called the President a liar on national(global) TV. Since then this bunch have been consistent with their lack of intelligence, respect and common sense when it comes to this POTUS and they all believe if they just apologize all is right with the world and they away with this. Something really needs to be done.

  5. Blackspeak on said:

    ROTFL!!! LMABO!!! Those who practice and promote the social material system of white supremacy never give up… Next they will be telling the ignorant who listen to them, that satan himself is running the HealthCare.gov website…

  6. Uncle G on said:

    jhuf. You are a sick, racist trick! Sen. Cruz is a bigot of the worst kind who does not hide his contempt for anyone Black. Lots of nerve considering he has an Hispanic surname!

  7. Did the writer of this article ask Rep. Matt Cartwright how he felt about Rep. Alan Grayson
    Sending out campaign flyers with burning KKK cross on it depicting tea party members
    No I’m sure he didn’t Since Grayson is a Democrat I suppose he gets the usual PASS
    and expectations readers will be stupid enough to not be aware it happened
    By the way the Nigerian letter scam has been a common name given to that internet crime long before Obama came on the scene .
    and it seems a crime the way this rollout has worked out
    What has me laughing in the isle is the Republicans were vilified for wanting Obama care delayed now
    It seems more and more Democrats are calling for the same thing

      • What does a white person sound like? and does that mean that black people shouldn’t be cognizant of
        reallity and just mindlessly go along with a low information group

    • FYI, we are all aware that the Nigerian letter scam has been going on for years. Obviously, Cruz called himself being funny. His problem is, the contempt he and other Republicans have for President Obama. As far as they are concerned, he can’t do anything right and wow, that has gotten really old… BTW, I’ve worked in the tech industry for years and I’ve NEVER seen the deployment of a new system, it’s software or the associated websites go off without any problems. If they did, half the technical support people working would be unemployed. Cruz and the Reps. just want to use anything they can to stop the ACA. (Not delay or postpone but stop altogether.) The American people know exactly what they are up to and it will not work…

      • I guess A. Grayson was being funny too I suppose . As far as contempt if Cruze
        Were president and the state of the Black community was as it is now
        You would be storming the gates of the WH….. well what are you waiting for?
        No You just continue on with your “loc stepin fecht” servitude unto the democratic party
        BTW the ACA system is F^&ked up so I’ll be watching for resignations

  8. Wildflower on said:

    And Ted Cruz is running the human trafficking from across the border. Hater!!! Has anyone checked his papers? They are probably fake.

    • Wildflower, which papers, his Texas papers, his Mexican papers, or his Canadian papers, since he has so many to choose from. He can be BORN in another country but because his mom was born in the US he’s American, yet his base and his kind, have issue with this President who WAS BORN IN THE US, and so was his mom, yet somehow he’s not an American. This shows us all the mental level playing field these types of people are on and how much hatred toward this one man they have. their pea brains just can’t accept it like they have a choice!

  9. Daniel Asamota on said:

    It’s no surprise about these comments from this racist asshole. It’s a shame that this fool is in a position of power! We just need to remember to mobilize because enemies like him need to be destroyed utterly and completely!

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