LOS ANGELES (AP) — NBC says it’s canceling two freshman shows, “Ironside” and “Welcome to the Family.”

“Ironside,” starring Blair Underwood in an updated version of the Raymond Burr police drama, will air its final episode on Wednesday. Burr’s “Ironside” aired from 1967-75, but low ratings will keep the new series to a total of four episodes.

“Welcome to the Family,” a Thursday night comedy about a young couple’s unplanned pregnancy, won’t have a chance to say goodbye. Its last airing was this week.

Replacing “Ironside” on Wednesday nights in November and December will be a mix of shows including episodes of “Dateline” and “Saturday Night Live” holiday-themed specials, NBC said.

“Parks and Recreation” episodes and specials will fill in for the departed “Welcome to the Family,” the network said Friday.

4 thoughts on “Sorry Blair! NBC Cancels ‘Ironside’

  1. I really like the updated version of Ironside and I am disappointed in the cancellation. There are so many worthless, poorly written TV shows on today and NBC makes this decision after only four episodes. Hopefully the show can get picked up by a cable network .

  2. Yeah, I tried to watch Ironside, but it was it just couldn’t hold my interest. I LOVE Blair Underwood, but this show was just not interesting. Same for Welcome To The Family. Unfunny and bland.

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