Graduating Magna Cum Laude is a fete worth celebrating all its own, but what about when three sisters do it at the same damn time?! That’s exactly what happened with these impressive triplets, Bre’Andria, Cre’Andria and Dre’Andria Thompson! These beautiful look-alikes graduated Magna Cum Laude with BS degrees in Chemistry from Norfolk State University’s Dozoretz National Institute for Mathematics and Applied Sciences.

Dr. Aliecia McClain, DNIMAS program director, has watched the sisters grow. “Upon their arrival at NSU it was very difficult to tell them apart. Because we could not identify them by their names, we identified them as a group even though they were completely different individuals,” she said. “They have grown into individuals proving to others and themselves that they are worthy of the distinction of being called Dozoretz Scholars.”

The ladies are over-the-moon about their accomplishment, “Thanks to God and the supportive faculty and students here, I have surpassed challenges that I never thought I would overcome,” said Dre’.

Bre’ says, “My professors and my courses have allowed me to think critically and apply the concepts I have learned to the world around me.”

“They have equipped me with an educational foundation that will allow me to be a competitive candidate for graduate or professional school anywhere,” said Cre’.

While these triplets share the same degree and face, their plans for the future are drastically different. Bre’Andria is going on to med school, Cre’Andria wants to attend dental school and Dre’Andria wants to attend graduate school for toxicology. However, as triplets, the Thompsons share a special bond they hope never dies. “I like to think that we formed a special bond in the womb, so no matter how far or near we are from each other that bond will always be constant,” said Bre’, “and my love for them will always be infinite—always.”

One thing is certain–the sky’s the limit for these beauties with brains!

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