BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio (AP) — A western Ohio woman charged with petty theft for allegedly stealing $2.87 from a courthouse fountain says she is jobless and took the change to buy food.

WBNS-TV in Columbus reports the woman pleaded not guilty Wednesday. A police report alleges she stole the change Oct. 7 from the Logan County Courthouse fountain in Bellefontaine (behl-FOWN’-tihn), and an officer asked her what she was doing and found change in her pocket.

The woman says she worries she’ll end up in jail for taking money that she says didn’t belong to anyone. She says she has no job, is on the verge of losing her apartment and was trying to feed herself and her four cats.

The city’s safety director says officials hope to resolve the case before the November trial.

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5 thoughts on “Ohio Woman Charged in Theft of $2.87 from Fountain

  1. this was bad at first but now it worked in her favor after all,,,there was a fund set up for people to donate to on her behalf,,now she has enough money to by a mobile home,plus some extra for livi ng expences,shes buying one from me next week,,they paid for an inspection and shes closing on it in a few days,,the crazy thing is i just put it up for sale 2 days before she called me,,,i wish her luck for the future

  2. I said it. on said:

    This world is morally corrupt. If the officer thought she should return the money, he should have had her do that and then reached in his pocket and given her some money, or taken her to Burger King. He went too far.

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