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Reverend Al Sharpton joins the TJMS to talk about the government shutdown, Justice Antonin Scalia’s comments on “blacks” and more.

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6 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘They Can’t Handle that a Black Man is the President of the United States’

      • I didn’t say I thought he was wrong. As a matter of fact, I have no opinion about what he said. Perhaps what I should have said is “No Sharpie. What I can’t stand is that perm hanging off your big as head”, instead of using the word “we”. It has nothing to do with his opinion on whether or not “they can handle that a black man is president of the United States”. I just hate that perm hanging off his big ass head. That’s all. Nothing personal. Just my opinion.

  1. I guess the republicans had a real love affair with Bill Clinton with the Monica issues, Ken Star, Rose Law
    Firm, Impeachment, yea I guess Obama is really getting hammered

    • tennmr on said:

      I agree jhuf, black ppl seem to think that sumhow Obama treated bad because he is black, I do think that is a small % but this is just politics as usual, they have shut the government down b4, and it had nonthing to do with race, the gridlock gets much worse each year, dems oppose any good idea a rep. come up with and visa-versa, there both like bad parents

  2. We have to live with it being White Men running the World all the time so we get over it why can’t them, and for Dr Carson to say the things he is saying we are all own worst enemies and I bet if he do run for President he will not win his own party will tear him down.

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