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Let’s talk about the truth and some people who are not able to handle the truth.

What do you think would happen to you or me if we went and threw barricades at the White House? We’d be thrown in jail.

What do you think people would say to us? That we’ve lost our minds? That we should know better? Definitely, that’s what they would say.

But there are some who are defending the misdirected actions of some veterans and Tea Party members of calling the President a Muslim, ‘take your hand off the Quran come out with your hands up’, carrying confederate flags to the White House and basically vandalizing federal property by moving it and throwing it in front of the home of the Commander-in-Chief. It’s embarrassing.

Why are they doing this? Because they know this:

That Republicans are in trouble…deep trouble, they know it. They know the American people blame Republicans, Tea Party Republicans for hijacking the rest of the party and the American people and shutting down the government.

And it gets worse, if Republicans don’t wake up soon they’re doomed. Maybe they are already.

A recent Gallup poll shows the Republican Party is now viewed favorably by only 28% of Americans, down from 38% in September. That is the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992.

What they’re facing is what people in the business world call a damaged brand. It happened to Kmart. They let Walmart roll right over them. Blackberry did the same with Apple.

I asked the vice chairman of, Howard Bragman, what Republicans were thinking when it comes to brand management.

He said quite simply quote, they’re not thinking. They’re thinking about how to get out of quicksand he said. They were they’d have realized long ago, like Blackberry, they’re in need of a makeover.

That the Republican brand should be in transition as society progresses.

PR super agent Marvet Britto of the Britto Agency says they’re only thinking about how to stop a President they hate for whatever reason.

For that reason, and their inability to embrace the winds of change sweeping through our country,  there will never be another Republican President in our generation.  In our lifetime.

So, I say as the party dominated by aging white Americans and some very vocal bigots,  the Republican party no longer represents the changing demographics in this country.

And it’s hard for even members of their own party to believe that it’s the President’s fault that veterans can’t visit the World War 2 Memorial or that family members of war heroes aren’t receiving  death benefits because of the shutdown.

Not even their own party is buying it and the American people certainly aren’t buying it.

Republican party,  wake up before it is too late!

You’re going the way of the Edsel. The wrong vehicle at the wrong time or in this case, the wrong party at the wrong time.

Republicans, here’s the bottom line from those of us who are not watching from the forest.

You are  blinded by the Obama hate trees, fighting amongst yourselves, in a death spiral.

Google the term target fixation immediately!!!

Get on the same message. And stop drinking the hater-aid. It is leaving a bad taste in your mouths and the majority of America is recoiling from your bad breath.

32 thoughts on “DON LEMON: GOP ‘Stop Drinking the [Obama] Hater-aid’

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  2. I can agree with Don a lot of the time, but…

    This while situation is just wrong.

    Most of the public is oblivious to what’s going on. Sure, the polls looked bad for Republicans, but should politics really be driven by politicians trying to hack polls by hoodwonking?

    1st of all, the current system is messed up – no secret there; almost everyone can agree.. but that doesnt mean Obamacare will fix it.. it could very well make things worse…
    Libertarian/Tea Party Republicans have understood the irreversible damage the AHCA could do to our country. That’s why they they have thought it important to fight it with everything they have. I mean, look at the current state of happenings.

    The Republicans aren’t looking that stupid now… having asked for delays.. AT LEAST.

    Also, why can’t Rand Paul’s call for Congress to live by its own laws pass? Serious eye opener right there.

    Pass that and maybe we can all hold hands for.about and argue later..

  3. on said:

    All I say is watch out a one party system almost always totally corrupts a government. I think is good to have some counter here and there.

  4. Obama ordered the monuments and parks closed, for the first time ever. Physically Barrackaded them for the first time. Including private parks. Fascism is fascism. It’s clever to have some token people of color run your nazi regime where you spy on people, kill Arab children with drones, and use the IRS to chill free speech an interfere with elections. But you are still nazis. And you fund your Demonazi party by rounding up poor black and brown kids and selling them to educrat cartels. Your second biggest source of funds after bailed out Wall Street banks.

  5. Tired of the bullshit on said:

    This is so ignorant on so many levels. This article bashes republicans with no basis. Or what? Wanting a budget before we blow even more money we don’t have??? I guess that’s what his voters (government dependents) don’t understand. You need a budget ! If you don’t have the money for something you can not get it! A country built on hard work and God has turned into a bunch of finger pointing, lazy, whiners that thnk the world owes them.

    • Yeah, well, I’m tired of the bullshit, too. Ever heard of running 2 wars OFF-BUDGET…do you remember GW Bush? Do some research, check back about 30 years and realize that tax cuts for the rich, trickle-down economics and playing with figures when Americans are dying for absolutely no good reason in Iraq and Afghanistan is what put us where we are! And you want a black president to jump in there, clean up all the mess, try to put forth his agenda for everyone in this sick country and deal with a useless group of Tea Partiers and racist Republicans! Please…either grow up or shut up!

  6. Chester Todd Jr. on said:

    Don needs to make up his mind as to which side he wants to be on. One minute he is putting Black people down and now he is turning into a Black. COME ON MAN!!!

  7. kiasia Langenbrunner on said:

    Joy, “Don was hired to be a commentator”; yes, and I’m entitled to rip him on his commentary. Also Joy, you may not be aware of this but Mr. Lemon describes himself among other things as an unbiased journalist. Since he’s hired to do commentary on the Tom Joyner show that caters to a predominately Black and Democratic leaning listening audience; has he yet done any commentary that highlight the plight of African Americans under this president during any of his commentary? The answer is no. So his statement of being an unbiased journalist is a bunch of horse manure.
    Nadia,“Your personal rejection of Don Lemon is distracting you from focus.” No it’s you and Joy that are distracted. The President is more interested in giving his wealthy and White gay donors their rights; while dissing the democrat’s most loyal voting block. Also I don’t need to reject Mr Lemon, because he doesn’t pay my bills. As a matter of fact Nadia, I love watching Don on CNN; I watch so I can laugh at him. Watching a so called unbiased journalist goes after his guests on the Right to the point of outright rudeness, and refuses to challenge anyone representing the Left, regardless of whatever outlandish statement they may make is comedy at its best. Also watching Don trying so hard to be relevant with his lowly rated show is no rejection from me at all. It’s sheer enjoyment.
    Tell me, when all the ugly and negative statements about the Right is made over and over, and over again; does it make African Americans feel better about themselves after they’ve burped out their hatred and bitterness on a daily basis? Do you think that will put an end to racism and fix the plethora of issues that is plaguing your country? Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, Coulter, Levin, Savage, Hewitt, Cunningham, Ingraham and others are all White, and is doing quite well thank you very much; with or without a government shutdown or whether or not the debt ceiling gets raised or their country goes into default. So Mr. Lemon can continue to make his asinine commentaries about the Right’s bad breath. The names listed above are not the people suffering. Lemon and his listening audience needs to look in the mirror.

  8. Nadia Morsi on said:

    What we have to do is form a new party. We can no longer suffer over racism and stupidity. Everything is online and all too often and it only comes back to haunt us just as those century storms. We might be selfish in expecting President Obama to undue a lifetime of oppression and its tactics. There has to be a point before the stage of revolt, a point before death, or a point before capacity when you stand for the right to protect your best interest. We cannot negotiate a past of setbacks in comparison to those whose worries are a million times more important to them. How can you compare a man whose concern is living on earth verses a man’s whose concerns are in space and traveling to Mars? That money can be divided among citizens in order to offset extreme poverty, discrimination, lack of jobs and so on. The concerns are too divided. The sooner we address the truth that our concerns are just as important to us as their concerns are to them, then and only then is when respect will appear. Else we continue to waste our time forever.

  9. It’s going to take a minute to get the Affordable Care Acts’ kinks out; but in the end the ACA is going to turn out to be a good thing. To some people it looks somewhat shaky now…..but the legislation will prevail

  10. kiasia Langenbrunner on said:

    Let’s start with the obvious, Don is entitled to his opinion.
    Why does Don care about the so called demise of the Repubs? Is that not good for the Dems? Worrying about their bad breath and all is supposed to do what to them exactly? I can answer that, it does nothing. Don is still trying to be relevant, which he is not, and his dying to be. Has anyone ever seen his ratings on CNN? It’s too small to even garner any listing. What better way then to garner attention by riling up the right to pay attention to him in the form of hateful tweets, emails etc? Then on the next show he can tell his audience about his full in-box with hateful rhetoric from the right. Has no one yet figure out Don’s shtick? If I were a Repub, I would not give him the time of day.
    What Don should instead focus on is the plight of African Americans under President Obama’s administration. While the unemployment rate for other races have declined, the rate among Blacks is still in double digits. He can blame the Repubs all he wants and worry about their brand; it still does not explain why Blacks are doing more poorly than other races under this president. If this can be seen all the way from up north; what are African Americans missing here? Careful Don, you’re starting to sound a bit like the haters on the Right which you seem to abhor. Did Blacks not have a great dislike for George W too? I guess the audience will never hear you mention that.
    By the way Don, you are not convincing anyone that you are a serious journalist or a so called independent (cough, cough, LOL). You are a democratic hack looking for attention that the left or right simply will not give you. No republican supporter would be hired as a side kick on the Tom Joyner show; which services a predominately Black audience.
    Of note Don, the only group that seems to have done very well under Obama’s administration are the LGBT community; especially the very rich and White variety, who are as racist as their straight counterpart on the right.
    If you’re going to pick on your opponents, try to pick on those who actually care what you thing about them.

    • Kiasia: Yes Don has the right to his opinion just like you, me, and every one else. Don was hired to be a commentator; and that’s what commentators do….give an opinion. As for what President Obama has (specifically) done for Black people…I’m wondering what did you expect him to do? Give all Black people 40 acres, and a mule? I’m not going to list it here….but the President has done a lot of things that positively effect black people. If you don’t know what he’s done….that’s on you. NO PRESIDENT can guarantee that every one has a job. It’s would be wonderful if they could…but that’s not the way it works. Presidents don’t hire people….companies do. Lastly I don’t care who was the President right now… could be Joe Blow….because of the current financial, and technology climate that going on in the world….Joe Blow President would be dealing with the same things President Obama is dealing with. I far one didn’t expect the President to be a Miracle Worker……and anyone that did needs to have their heads examined

    • Nadia Morsi on said:

      There isn’t a born African American that does not see what is happening to Obama! He is on a marco level; a higher scale, so to speak. He is receiving what we have gone through as working citizens. He is experiencing racism. He is experiencing sabotage. He is experiencing our struggle as one man. Your personal rejection of Don Lemon is distracting you from focus. We have to focus on progress and perfection. Don Lemon is not the President, Barack Obama is. He has been elected to understand that plight of the American Defect and the struggle of his people. There is not one African American that has experienced the hatred of discrimination that does not understand how President Obama has been set up! We all know that it’s a set-up! But we have to first try to civilly voice what is causing us too much pain. We have to first exchange friendly fire! We are not barbarians. But we have to be concern for our fate, for our children and so on. Don Lemon is not appointed to do that. So maybe you are in the wrong forum and confused. President Obama is elected to negotiate. If he comes back with nothing then that means we start from ground zero. How long are we going to wait to start from ground zero?

  11. Everyone take your minds back to the last Presidential election. After President Obama won, republican pundits, elected officials, etc were saying that they needed to reach out to minorities and women more. They admitted that their message was not not accepted by minorities and women. They admitted that there approval #s were low with these groups. Here we are a long time later and they STILL are in the same position. So I guess all that talk was just talk. The republican party has done NOTHING to try to cater to or help minorities and women. It can be said that they are even WORSE with their direction and ideology. I think we as a nation should NOT forget these actions and during the midterm elections, we need to let our voices be heard at the ballot box in the best way possible to further show, republicans are tearing this country down, further dividing us as a nation with their actions!! They need to look in the mirror instead of hating this President. Focus on their OWN actions and the effects.

  12. Daniel Asamota on said:

    October 26, a group of us and several other groups are marching on Washington in support of our President and in protest against the GOP’s orchestration of the government shut down. All are invited, encouraged to come too so the world can see that the lies of the GOP will not prevail and that true Americans support their President and don’t let ragtag minority of miscreants take over our government. So join us; October 26, 2013; Washington D.C. Be there!

  13. Daniel Asamota on said:

    The republican party doesn’t just need a makeover; they need to disappear! It’s ridiculous to represent the rich who don’t even comprise a good 2% of the population in America over the majority! Majority rules and the majority has spoken; the People want Obama! As for all this disrespectful crap they’re doing, trust you me they won’t get another chance when the next African American takes over as commander in chief! They’d better be glad it’s not me coz’ I wouldn’t stand for it! But Obama is a better man than me! God-appointed and protected he will prevail in the end!

  14. October 20th is fast approaching and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will be announcing plans for a United Black treasury on this day to buy farms, build factories and make jobs for Black Americans. Yet still no mention from a website that even takes the time to report tabloid gossip. I am starting to wonder if Tom Joyner is not allowed to report this major event in history. Could it be that he is bought and paid for like Tavis Smiley suggested?

  15. The Republican party is not going anywhere they represent a group of people that believe in self-reliance smaller government lower taxes. I republicans are so detrimental to blacks
    And everything democrat propose is so beneficial why do we have Detroit what did Dem’s do for them
    Except sell gov dependency and poor education
    I agree that they should not have locked up the Gov. over Obama care the democrats OWN it and just like the Clintons in 94 with Hillary care dem’s will pay in 14

    • jhuf: Republicans aren’t the only ones that believe in ‘self reliance”!! Are you suggesting that there are no Democrats that are self reliant? If so….tell that to the millions of Black people that get up, and go to WORK EVERY DAY. Plus you need to send the “self reliance” memo to all those Republicans in southern states that are on welfare, and food stamps because apparently they didn’t get the memo. SOME people seem to think that only Democrats receive assistance. NT!! Plenty of Repubs that live in the Carolinas, Arkansas, Kentucky, etc. they used to work in factories, and in coal mines that no longer exist (and haven’t existed for years….long before President Obama came on board) are on assistance because there is no where for them to work. Stop the myth!!

      • are you suggesting that Republicans on or off public assistance only exist in the south? as far as land mass/volume California is just as RED as those southern states (look at the country mapped out in counties) L.A & SF turn it blue. those factories southerners still work in can from those blue Dem states CA MI PA as far as the myth tell Al Sharpton that blacks know how to get ID’s for voting
        want to choose where they send there children. because every time a republican wants to rein in spending, those who run up the “your hurting blacks and minority’s” banner only perpetuate the myth you are speaking of

  16. dam mad on said:

    We need to really rethink this need for a republican party. Why? Why do we need a political party that is constantly on the wrong side of history? I say let them go the way of the Dodo bird. And Don Lemon, why would a black man bemoan the death of a political party that clearly seeks your destruction?

    • DOLPHIN: I TOTALLY AGREE! Some people’s priorities are warped. Plus all those people that marched for Trayvon, Stop, and Frisk, and other good causes should be in DC on Capitol Hill protesting the Tea Party/Republicans’ nonsense.

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