Antonio Davis On ESPN


Former NBA player Antonio Davis is about to go through a nasty divorce. His estranged wife filed for divorce earlier in the year, but is claiming Davis has been stealing money from their joint account ever since he received the divorce papers.

Kendra Rae Davis began proceedings to dissolve her 19-year union back in June and she is now claiming that since then Antonio Davis has gone on a spending spree with the funds in the couple’s joint bank account. Kendra Davis has an issue with that because the estranged couple will have to split whatever money is left in the account when that part of the divorce proceedings arises.

Kendra Rae Davis says her estranged husband withdrew about $133,510 from their joint account in July. She also says he spent $563,041 on a brand new house which also came out of their joint account. However, in a letter,  Antonio Davis says the purchase of the home was already in the works before he was served with divorce papers.

Besides paying back all of the money taken out of their joint account, Kendra Davis also wants Antonio Davis to pay all of her legal fees. Antonio Davis hasn’t commented on the matter.



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