It seems the actress who played a relationship expert in the 2001 film “Two Can Play That Game,” can’t quite figure out how the game works in real life.

If what we saw on the “Bethenny Frankel Show” is any indication, Fox hasn’t quite gotten over the split between her and ex-fiancé, Omar “Slim” White.

Monday, on Frankel’s show the 49-year-old actress broke down and cried while telling how she wanted a baby with the much younger nightclub promoter.

“We broke up three months before the wedding. Kids wasn’t the issue at all. It just wasn’t right and I had to be honest with myself and I wasn’t happy anymore. He is a great guy, he just wasn’t for me. My brother lives in Atlanta, I was about to move my life to Atlanta, and they could see that I wasn’t happy. They said, ‘You’re just doing this because you want to have a child and you want to move closer back east,’ and all my family lives back East.”

Interestingly, a recent interview, Vivica vowed she would never date a man under 30 again. But sources say Fox is still pining away for her ex-lover.

Gossip blogger Sandra Rose reports that according to a friend, the actress and Slim exchanged texts as recently as two months ago. But Slim has moved on with another celebrity starlet who shares his morals, values and his vegan diet.

Slim keeps himself busy consulting with clients on health and nutrition, and he books celebrities for Krave Lounge on Saturdays, including Chris Brown and Christina Milian. He often posts photos of his clients on his Instagram page

Watch Vivica breakdown.


11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Vivica A. Fox Breaks Down on ‘Bethenny’ Over Breakup with Slim

  1. tennmr on said:

    he wasn’t going to marry her, in 10 years she wud be 60 and he in his late 30s or erly 40s, find a man that can luv you and not sombdy that’s looks good on your arm

  2. pac4me on said:

    Come on Vivica – please, you can’t see someone else with their child and assume this will be the same for you. Having a baby at any age is a big long-time job and for an older woman, you got to look at the big picture – not the lil happy times out & about for the public. and if the tears were for him, just be real about it

  3. Come on Viv….did you really think that a union with this guy was going to last? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Summer/Autumn…Cougar relationships are fun….but you have to realize that in MOST instances….that’s all it will ever amount to is a short period of fun!! Don’t get me wrong; I know someone that married a guy that’s 15 years younger than her, and they’ve been together at least 20 years. But that’s an exception to the rule.

  4. Serpentine on said:

    “So he cheated’ so what! Get over it!” Really? If he can’t be committed, then she did the right thing in leaving. Who are you to say it’s a bad thing that black women have an elevated sense of self value and are puffed up with self-pride? Are you crazy? Nothing elevated about it and there is nothing wrong with having pride about yourself and what you’ll put up with. Self value is self value. It’s men who think like you that are destroying the family. Blame the woman for having self-respect and doing the right thing for her, and condone the man for cheating even though he’s put a chink in the armor of the marriage. You sound like cheating should be the norm. So, he cheated, No big deal. How would that self value and puffed- up pride be if she allowed herself to stay with an adulterer and loser? Some black women don’t want to be treated like crap just so they can say they have a man. People can do bad all by themselves why carry that albatross around with them. Lose the Loser!

    • I agree Sepentine. That is no way to live either. I have seen too many women (even white women) living with men who treat them like dirt in order to say they have a man. WRONG. Wait for the RIGHT man even if you have to stay by yourself and have pet poodle to talk to.

      • Serpentine on said:

        Agreed! I don’t know what that brotha was talking about. His way of thinking may be a little bit off. Hmmm….he said…women fostering self value and puffed up pride while men cheat, are selfish and irresponsible, but Vivica should have stayed with him. That elevated self value and puffed up pride is what made her leave. What Vivica needs to come to terms with, is that she’s hitting fifty, nothing wrong with that. There are plenty men slightly younger, or her age or older, that are very distinguished and befitting of her. Viv, leave the children in the sandbox because in the end, all they wanted to do was play.

  5. Seems like Viv has wasted a lot of her life fooling around with younger guys. She probably could have had a child or 2 by now if it weren’t for that. I hope she finds her true love.

    • Having children is not the end of the world. SHe could have had a child with an idoit and had a bunch of troubles on her hands. Wait for the right person and DO not let society tell you Ms. Fox that children and a husband is everything in life, yes, it maybe nice to have IF you have the RIGHT man but too many folks is running around here wishing they would have waited.

  6. Daniel Asamota on said:

    She shouldn’t have left her first husband. So he cheated; so what! Get over it! This elevated sense of self value too many black women seem to be fostering is destroying our families! Cheating isn’t right but neither is being puffed up with self-pride! Our men aren’t helping with their selfish and irresponsible ways but we need to work on solutions to bridge those gaps rather than find other ways to not get along!

    • Are you serious? If her first husband was not making her happy, she need to kick his tail to the curb. “And he cheated so what! Get over it?” Honey, when a person has TRUE love for someone, it is NOT that easy to move on and “get over it” so quickly even if they cheated and a person needs to move on. That is the problem with our society nowe, people treat marriage like a game and this is NOT limited to black women. And for the record, if someone can not handle a woman with self pride, then that punk needs to move on and find a woman who has no pride. Often time men who think that self pride is bad are often are men who want to controll a woman and leave her in the house pregnant while he goes out and party with other women and have no backlash from his wife.

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