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Roland Martin talks with Don Clark, former FBI agent, about the death of Miriam Carey and he lets us know whether it was handled properly.

4 thoughts on “Was It Right to Shoot to Kill Miriam Carey? Don Clark Lets Us Know

  1. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    The police were doing their job. Had someone gone into the White House and did something folks would have been complaining they aren’t doing their job. You can’t even hold onto the fence at the White House it a PRIVATE residence and folks are feeling sorry because she was a woman. I saw the video she didn’t stop she kept on going and it is not their fault that a baby was in the car. She put the baby in the car. If her family knew she was mentally unstable they should have done a better job looking out for her. Do try the cops for something you guys should have been doing.The guy is right WE ARE NOT THERE. I hate that someone died but the cops did what they are TRAINED to do. Folks are stupid to think thy got time to ask her is she mentally stable and is someone else in the car with you. BRAVO police you were doing what you were SUPPOSED to do. I don’t care if the President was there or not she was wrong.

  2. Norman on said:

    This interviewee Don Clark fades into that “we were not” tone when the questions come to officers actually “thinking” rather than acting what they were trained to do. When Tom asked about shooting the tires, he responded, “we were not there.” He explained that theses officers were trained to protect the POTUS. However, the “suspect” ran into a barricade and made contact with an officer while the POTUS was not on the property.

  3. How the hell do you taser someone in a moving car? And shooting the tires out really
    Sybll could use some education in car chase 101 she apparently has never seen the footage
    of cars driving for miles on flats or just rims

  4. Javon Sharp on said:

    No-I truly believe if she’d been white they would still be NEGOTIATING with her. It was TOO easy for them to KILL her.

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