Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, had an emotional reaction to Wednesday’s verdict that AEG Live was not negligent in the King of Pop’s death, with a jury ruling that Murray was not unfit for the work for which he was hired.

Murray told NBC’s “Today” via phone that he was relieved that the case allowed some more of the facts about his work with Jackson to come to light.

“My immediate reaction was one of tears; certainly, I cried,” Murray told Matt Lauer by phone from jail in L.A. “I cried because for once the world was allowed to hear some of the facts that pertained to this matter. A lot of facts that had been suppressed, much of which I was denied and my attorneys could not present during my criminal trial. I was not given a fair chance to defend myself, nor were they given an opportunity to defend me. Based on the ruling of the court, I was very relieved that at least the world had a chance of hearing some of the facts…”

Murray, who is finishing up a jail sentence after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death, watched the verdict in the AEG Live trial as it was being delivered on TV.

He added that he felt that the jury’s ruling was part of God delivering his justice, saying that he always felt the lord was on his side.

“I have felt…that the Lord has always been with me. And I believe that this was part of my recognition that you had to wait on the Lord. You just had to know that he’s there for you and he’s going to deliver his justice on his time,” Murray said.

Jackson’s doctor also spoke out against the lawsuit filed by Jackson’s family, calling it “frivolous” and containing claims that he knew “were clearly incorrect.”

Murray also said he was looking forward to reuniting with his family and re-starting his life after he’s released from jail in a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Conrad Murray: AEG Verdict ‘Was God Delivering his Justice’

  1. On October 18th the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is going to announce plans for a United Black bank to buy farmland, factories and to create jobs. I believe that this information is much to important not to be mentioned on this site that supposedly represents black America.

  2. JanCorey on said:

    At least the jurors saw through the smoke-screen-of-lies perpetrated by the Jackson-family-members seeking Michael’s future earnings. MJ was a drug addict and his life-expectancy was dramatically reduced anyways. The Plaintiff’s in this ridiculous lawsuit against AEG should all be charged with crimes and all be incarcerated for no less than 1,000-years; LWOP, if you ask me. I truly hope AEG gets a win-fall from their upcoming lawsuits against the Jackson family, AEG should get at least 2,000-billion-dollars from each of the Jackson family-members still alive.

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