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ABC is very wisely referring to Thursday’s return of the blockbuster drama “Scandal,” as “must Tweet” TV.

In this era of DVRs and all kinds of ways to watch your favorite TV shows anywhere and any time, Twitter and Facebook have turned Scandal into a live event.

Miss it in real-time if you want to, but if you happen to be on social media at 9cst or 10 pst/est Thursday night you’re going to feel like Cinderella on the night of the ball….before she meets her fairy godmother of course.

That being said, (shameless plug alert) the Fly Jock will be hosting his own Scandal Facebook party and you’re invited to chat along with him as he comments about whatever pops into his head, from Harrison Wright’s (played by Columbus Short) plaid shirts to why there aren’t more commercials about Murray’s hair grease, Mac cosmetic and other things African American’s spend money on.  After all, we made up almost 2 million of the 8.4 million viewers the show had last season.

“Scandal” is sexy, it’s controversial, it’s fast paced, it’s well written, it stars an African-American actress in the lead, Kerry Washington who was nominated for an Emmy, and it was created and is written by African-American television phenom Shonda Rhimes.   Yes, Olivia Pope is promiscuous, yes she’s sleeping with the leader of the free world who happens to be white (what a concept) and yes she really needs to relax a bit.  But she’s a television character not the First Lady of your church.

So, will you be watching Thursday night? If so, here are 10 things you ought to do.

1.    Get on social media.  Come on, if you’re not on Facebook or Twitter, this is the perfect excuse to step into the future…if the future was 2005.   The next thing you know you’ll be SnapChatting.  (ask your nearest teenager)

2.    Put a do not disturb sign on your door.  Your kids and significant other need to know that for this one hour of the evening, it’s all about you and your social media device of choice. Don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags.

3.    Don’t watch Scandal with your teenagers.  They’ve probably seen and God forbid, even done worse, but trust me, you don’t want them to see how much you’re enjoying watching it.

4.    Finish your laundry, chill the wine, and prepare your snacks before the show starts.  It moves fast and you can’t afford to miss a single word.

5.    If you’re new to the show and haven’t had a chance to see any previous episodes, go online and familiarize yourself with the main characters.

6.    If you’re watching with a friend, spouse, date, only ask questions or comment during commercials.

7.    If you’re a man, don’t say to your wife, “ I wish I was Fitz.  If you’re a woman, don’t say to your husband, “I wish I was Olivia.”

8.    If you’re a man don’t say to your mate, “I wish I was Cyrus.”

9.    Participate in the Fly Jock’s drinking game and take a sip of your beverage of choice (Green tea is acceptable) whenever key words are mentioned.

10.    If you do participate in the drinking game (and you weren’t drinking Green tea), don’t call in sick on Friday…especially if your boss watches Scandal and follows you on Twitter.

If you can think of more tips for watching Scandal, please share them. 

Happy watching!

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