NEW YORK (AP) — A man driving with his family along a New York City highway was attacked and beaten by a large group of motorcyclists who first surrounded his SUV and stopped it on the road, then chased him for miles after he plowed through the blockade of bikes in an attempt to escape.

One biker suffered two broken legs and other severe injuries when the SUV ran over him, police said. A second biker suffered a leg injury. The driver, who was traveling with his wife and toddler, was taken to a hospital where he required stitches to his face.

The frightening assault on the 33-year-old man began around 1:30 p.m. Sunday on Manhattan’s West Side Highway and was partially captured on a helmet-mounted video camera worn by one of the riders involved in the chase.

A portion of the video posted on the Internet by an unidentified user shows a large group of bikers swarming around the Range Rover as it heads north on the highway. One of the bikers then moves into the SUV’s lane and rides briefly alongside the vehicle, peering in through the driver’s side window. It isn’t clear from the video what the driver might have done to anger the motorcyclist.

The biker then cuts in front of the Range Rover and, still staring at the driver, suddenly slows down. It isn’t captured on the video, but the motorcycle and SUV bumped, police said.

The motorcyclists, 20 to 30 in all, then come to a complete halt on the highway, blocking the SUV’s path. Some dismount and approach the vehicle. Police said some of the bikers then began damaging the Range Rover, which isn’t clear from the video.

The video shows the SUV suddenly accelerating, bouncing over at least one of the motorcycles and its rider as others scramble to get out of the way. The cyclists give chase, pursuing the driver for about 2 1/2 miles. At one point, the bikers succeed in getting the SUV to stop. One ripped open the driver’s door, but he sped away.

The chase ended when the SUV exited the highway and got stuck in traffic on a city street. The video shows one biker using his helmet to smash the driver’s window. Police said the group then pulled the man from the SUV and beat him, although that part isn’t shown on the recording posted online. The police department confirmed that the video circulating online is authentic.

Police didn’t identify the driver, who was not charged. His wife and child were not injured.

On Tuesday, police arrested the biker who was involved in the initial accident. Christopher Cruz, 28, of Passaic, N.J., was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, endangering the welfare of a child and menacing. He was not injured. Cruz was in custody awaiting arraignment Tuesday and hadn’t yet been assigned a lawyer. A woman who answered a phone number listed in some records as being connected with the address where Cruz lives said she didn’t speak English and hung up the phone.

Police distributed an image of two bikers they said were involved in the chase and said they were wanted for assault.

Police believe some of the bikers belong to a gang known as Hollywood Stuntz. They said the motorcyclists were part of a planned but unauthorized event in which hundreds of riders gathered outside of Manhattan, with the intent of driving into Times Square en masse.

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21 thoughts on “VIDEO: SUV Driver Pulled Over, Beaten After He Hits, Runs Over Motorcyclist

  1. I wonder if this Pookie person has a job, it seems they always have time to call out black “thugs”. Its people like him who say nothing when whites kill their parents, commit fraud, when hispanic men kill their wives, when white women kill their own children, when hispanics kidnap women, etc, etc, when white cops plant evidence, etc, when white people commit mass murder, etc, when whites attack blacks because of their race, etc. Pookie, go check your facts. How many blacks are locked up for violent crimes and then rereleased so that the white cops, judges, attorneys, prosecutors, etc can have more work to do (and thus make more money off of them) when they release them back into their neighborhoods to go commit those crimes again. You must have your head burried in the sand somewhere. Wake up and face the truth. I didn’t hear any blacks advocating for or defending these motorcycle fellas. You all are so quick to assume and so quick to judge. I feel sorry for you, you probably wanted to be black your whole life. Poor baby!!!

  2. Pookie on said:

    To Wildflower: Show me a story of a white biker gang / club, whatever, chasing down any family, slashing their tires, beating out the windows, and pulling the driver out and slashing and beating him. This pack of black moto-thugs got over 200 911 calls for harassing and abusing people, riding the wrong way down the road, etc., before they attacked this man and his family. Look at their own videos (many of which are now taken down) where they proudly posted their wild animal conduct. Of course, it’s “RACIST!” to point out they are a black pack of moto-thugs. It would be “RACIST!” to shoot any of them in self defense. But if they were white and that family was black, this site would be the first to carry it as a headline, heaping scorn on the “racist whites”, just as you like to praise any black person for attacking and beating anyone white who says “n!99er”. What irony that is. Wildflower, the Hells Angels, Outlaws, and other such white biker gangs don’t even conduct themselves like this.

    • Pookie on said:

      And by the way, most of those motorcycles had no license plates or had stolen license plates. That is making the criminal investigation difficult. Wildflower, if this was such a wonderful group of black men out for a nice moto ride, why did they have obscured, stolen, and no license plates? Gang of thugs on wheels. Ever see them do this in a “Stand Your Ground” state? Nope, that’s why they have Stand Your Ground laws.

  3. Wildflower on said:

    More stories of the “big Scary Black man” and the poor defenseless other. Group of black men riding bikes together = gang. White men = club. Whatever! If I hit someone with my car because I was scared it wouldn’t fly and it wouldn’t be a defense. Just look at the poor battered woman in Florida that fired a shot in the air to make her attacker go away and now she’s doing 20 plus in a prison. Black people keep supporting the new Jim Crow.

    • Pookie on said:

      Wildflower, your black problem is you think you can fabricate stories and play the race card habitually, but no one else can. Let’s put ALL THE CARDS on the table. Motorcycle riding gangs of 30+ black men are scary when they surround a vehicle with a man, wife, and 2 year old child, and start attacking the occupants. These same motorcycle riding gangs of black men mostly don’t have licenses or have stolen plates and their own videos show that they are riding around in packs attacking people, destroying things and violating numerous laws. Wildflower, have you gone and watched their own videos? You ignore this, yet if they attacked me and my wife and child as they did this poor man, beating their way into my vehicle and I gunned a couple of them down, which the law here says I can do for that, and which I would do to protect myself and family, you and the other race hustlas would shriek “RACISM! RACISM! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE” and other race hustla gibberish. That’s why your hoods are terrible lawless places.

  4. Pookie on said:

    The injured motoclown wants “Justice”. Typical entitlement mentality.

    A little about him, from Facebook:
    “Edwin E. Mieses, 26, of 17 Bernard Ave., Nov. 28, charged with operating a motor vehicle after license was revoked, illegal possession of a Class D narcotic, operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment and on five outstanding warrants; Arrested Again in May, Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records. In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.”……

  5. Pookie on said:

    What the scumbags on wheels were doing, from the “Justice for Jay Meezee” Facebook page:

    Marc Roffman wrote: “Here is some additional information you all might want to read. This is my personal experience with this situation. I made sure to post this on the support site as well. As a trucker that would deliver in north jersey and New York I am familiar with these gangs. I can hopefully clarify a few things. First the initial “accident” is part of a game they play. They ride in a huge group and will operate together to slow down traffic. Next they pick out high end vehicles targeting people with families in them, the targets will usually be white or Asian. Then one of the riders will do a “brake check” and stop suddenly in front of the target vehicle causing a minor bump. In some cases they will just roll back into their target vehicle. They will then mob the vehicle demanding money and or begin attacking the person inside. It is their practice to also slash the tires to prevent the vehicle from escaping. Truckers are well aware of them and are advised not to stop. You can clearly see in the video how they are well practiced in this style of attack. The police in NY have backed off them after an officer ran one down using his vehicle a few months back. The video was all over the net so I advise you to check it out. These “bikers” ride dirt bikes and sport bikes very few of which are street legal and even fewer have plates. They run red lights, stop signs, and have no regard for the law. If you are ever in this situation do not stop, immediately call the police and do whatever you have to to keep them from boxing you in. NEVER leave the scene of an accident if you are not under direct threat!!! Only run if you have no other choice, and again immediately call the police. This is not rare by any means, the only reason this incident got any attention is because of the helmet cam video being posted on the net. If you see anyone in this situation, call the police. .”

  6. Pookie on said:

    The cyclists were “Latino”? Like Zimmerman was a “white Hispanic”. Sorry, in the real world you don’t get to nominate races based upon what suits your race hustle agenda. If these “Hollywood Stuntz” dangerous morons were “Latino” they were “black Hispanics”. Further, the ones attacking the vehicle were quite black, with dreadlocks and a Ghana flag. Ghana is in Africa, not South America. Of course, it doesn’t matter, because the entitlement mentality means that there is no personal accountability, no responsibility, and the “black Hispanics” were victims of an Asian, not victims of their own uncivilized barbaric law breaking conduct.

  7. BAWStaff on said:

    Racist comments on this post will be deleted. And FYI, the biker crew was Latino. Please keep your comments civil, we appreciate comments, but not of a racist or inflammatory nature.

  8. the Timekeeper on said:

    Pookie, you are missing my whole point. I simply wished there was someone there to help that driver. As for your other blind, hateful, racist rage, well I’ll just leave you to all of that.

    • Pookie on said:

      Timekeeper, many are sick and tired of the race hustle. Blacks scream “RACISM!” any time it suits the hustle, but blacks never accept responsibility for their own misconduct and racism. You demand accountability and “justice” (or no peace) from everyone except blacks. You want to endlessly speak of racism and accuse everyone of racism, yet you do not look at yourselves and YOUR racism and incredibly bad behavior. Blacks murder over twice as many whites every year as whites murder blacks, yet blacks shriek “RACISM!” when a white person (or Asian or “white Hispanic”) dares to decide not to be a victim of a black mob attack, or the “knockout game” or a robbery. Black murder, robbery, and crime rates are epidemic. The greater the percentage of blacks in any community, the more the crime, murder, destruction, etc. That’s a fact, that’s the truth. So, instead of wasting all of your energy and activism blaming white people for everything, start snitching on your hood rat criminals. Start parenting your children. If you’re on welfare it means you can’t even care for yourself, so don’t irresponsibly have children you can’t take care of and have no interest in properly parenting. That’s the problem with the black community, not “racism”.

      • No one needs to snitch on any hoodrat criminals, the police are well aware of who these people are, they arrest them and then they get released back to the communities so that the police will have more work to do. Thats the reason for the higher crime rates. You have so much to say, yet you say nothing at all. Nothing at all. I’ll leave you alone this time. But seriously, was that you bullying that kid in the video I posted?

  9. the Timekeeper on said:

    I watched this video. and it s amazing that this driver drove almost six miles before he got stuck in traffic. and yet, there was Not One Policam or vehicle in sight. With all of those motorcycles and all of that traffic and Not Even One! The patreifed , scared to death driver made repeated calls to 911 for help and still, Not one cruiser remotely in this video. and yet, when they ( The police) want to kill someone like Sean Bell, or rupture somebody’s spleen like Abern Luima there are usually about 15 or 20 of them!

    • Pookie on said:

      Timekeeper, are you blaming this on the cops and not the out of control criminal rice rocket riding negroes? It’s all on them. They’re hoods, criminals, idiots, human garbage, bullying punks. You won’t see them doing this down South or out West where law abiding citizens pack heat (with high capacity magazines). Scumbags. But if a white or Asian or “white Hispanic” dares defend himself or his family, you shriek and cry “RACISM!” and race hustle. Have you no shame? When are you going to clean up your own messes, such as people like this, instead of encouraging them and making excuses and blaming everyone but them?

    • Cynic13 on said:

      How did you determine race by watching the video posted with this story? They’re all wearing full face helmets, and many have long sleeves? And what the hell difference does it make – this was clearly a band of thugs looking for any excuse to cause trouble. Every rider who got off his bike should be arrested.

      • Pookie on said:

        To Cynic13: How is race determined? You have eyes, vision, and a brain? Have you watched the videos of the event? Have you watched the videos from these same thugs of their harassment and exploits? The white guys were the pedestrians who stopped the black thugs who pulled the man from the vehicle and were beating out the windshield and slashing him in front of his wife and 2 year old child. Watch the videos and then feel foolish.

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