It’s been a long time coming, but Keyshia Cole and her sister Neffeteria Pugh have finally found peace within their relationship.

The sisters were photographed together at the  ”Keyshia Madden for Steve Madden” event in Atlanta yesterday. Along with posing for the cameras and rocking her sister’s shoes, Neffe let the world know that blood is always thicker that water.

“You cannot separate #Blood it’s infused with love, power,& the ability 2 move on 2 what God has 4 his children,” she wrote on her Twiiter account. “Family is the only thing that matter my love for my sister to life and nothing ever will come between family @keyshiacolegibson.”

Keyshia had a public fallout with Neffe after she and their mother Frankie filmed a spin-off reality show with BET in 2009.

We are glad to see they’ve kissed and made up!

Check out five other celebs who have had public beef with members of their family, below.

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One thought on “Keyshia Cole Reunites With Her Estranged Sister Neffe + 5 Celebrity Family Feuds

  1. We only get 1 mother and certain amount of siblings. Its best to make peace with them instead of letting it go and never getting it straight. If they leave this earth, it eats away at you for the rest of your life. As crazy and disfunctional as Keyshia and her family are, they should seek to have peace and love with one another. If they seek after it and truly want it, they can have it. I wish them the best. I hope they squash ALL beefs become a real loving family instead of this stuff we have seen play out over the years. That ish is not cool and its not cute!!!

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