Nene Leakes is riding that reality ride to the fullest. Her new show “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding” is as popular as her role on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta where she’s been holding it down for the last 6 seasons. As of now, she is the only of the original Atlanta housewives who remains on the show. On this spinoff, airing on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Leakes, a former stripper and single mother, is remarrying her ex-husband, Gregg Leakes, who she originally married in 1997. They reportedly met while she was still stripping. The remarriage took place in Atlanta in June, and of course Bravo cameras were there to cover it all.

Now three episodes in, Nene and Gregg are once again sparring with each other and each other’s children as they prepare to start life together…again. That’s if only Gregg can get some closet space.

“As a woman, I only have so much space in my closet,” Leakes told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “So Gregg, he’s cool. He has a closet in the guest room. He’s happy with his closet in the guest room. He gets it.”

As for the reasons behind the split – the Leakes’ divorce was finalized in September of 2011 after the fourth season of “Real Housewives” wrapped and almost a year separation. Leakes says that the two had to reconcile some problems before they could go back to being a healthy couple.

“We had some issues. We met in 1996, and we married the first time in 1997 and were married for 16 years, which is a marriage for a lot of families anyway. Things just weren’t working out. There was no communication; he was doing things that I personally did not approve of. For me, a lot of women don’t do what I do. I live in Nene’s world. So I decided to divorce Gregg and make it work for the second time. Gregg and I went to counseling the second time around. He didn’t want to go to counseling. He felt like Black men don’t go to counseling they go to church. Greg is from the old school so he has an old way of thinking. I convinced him to go to counseling and it worked out and we ended up back together.”

I didn’t mean to do that on ‘The Housewives.’ You see I signed up for multiple years for ‘Housewives.’ You see, I’m still here. When I started working on ‘Glee’ and “The New Normal,’ I didn’t need to do anything for my profile. My profile was what it was. Greg and I broke up for real. I’m a mom and divorce is very hard. It’s very difficult. I was heartbroken. I would never do that for a profile. Why would I need to do that? I lived all these years as Nene Leakes, before a camera ever rolled in my house. I was married for real. I gave birth, for real, to his child. I would never do that.”

“I Dream of Nene” The Wedding” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” returns for Season 7 on Sunday, November 3.

Read Gregg and Nene’s blogs about the show.

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5 thoughts on “Nene Leakes: ‘My Divorce From Gregg Was Very Real’

  1. Camella -Nene’s went to school in I believe its Duluth Georgia where Phaedra also grew up and Chuck the previous football player grew up. This is a small town about 2 hours from Atlanta and also she was born in New York but went to school in Duluth where she stayed with her aunt going home holidays and summers. He sister has a You Tube video where she talks about Nene and says she is going to reveal more so you can check it out. But do you recall on the show Phadera stating the same that her and Nene grew up in the same town and went to the same school and she Phaedra also said that Nene’s aunt babysit Phaedra when she was little when her mom went to work and Nene denied all this saying she never knew Phaedra.

  2. She says she was signed up for housewives for “multiple” years. Really–thought the contracts are yearly?

    Aslo a reporter stated he could not find any records of Nene’s divorce at the court house nor marriage license. Also who is putting out the mug shots of Nene and Greggs past arrest records? And to think she was all upset with her son for his arrest.

  3. Camella Jenkins on said:

    It was a fake divorce to get more ratings and to get viewers to watch that fake wedding. Also the period when NeNe claiming she’s a “rich bit_h and have arrived”, her 15 minutes of fame dissolved quickly. It was all a scheme to get her on sitcoms. Hollywood had no intentions of employing NeNe on a regular and ongoing basis, she only imagined that. She bragged about being born somewhere in New York claiming New York to be her home, but she forgot how constantly boast about being raised in and Atlanta and she’s from Atlanta, when she was in search of her biological father she went back to the home/area she was raised in where her aunt raised her. She’s such a lier/and a bs’er and a country wannabe. NeNe forgets the lies she tell, they all do not realizing the camera is rolling and some of have good memories of what they’ve said and done. They’re all a bunch of fake az_ liers!

  4. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Yikes her nose is huge! On either the first or second RHOA Reunion, Sheree bashed NeNe telling to get her MF teeth fixed, she got her teeth done after that. Yes both she and Gregg had raggady mouths are now wearing lumineers/new version of false teeth and they’re wearing dental implants!

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