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Patt McGee of Chicago is today’s “Thursday Morning Mom”.

Nominated by her mother Cora White in Madison, WI

Dear Tom,

My daughter moved to Chicago in her 20’s from Madison, Wisconsin. She went to live with her grandmother and got a job at the airport until she got a place of her own.

One day, a friend of hers asked her to go to accompany her to a law enforcement job fair. Patt tagged along, filled out some forms and a few days later, she got a call from the sheriff’s department. She went for an interview, passed her tests, and 20 years later – she’s still there.

Working for the sheriff, she encountered a lot of kids on the streets for one reason or another. She took them in and raised them as her own. All she asked for in return was for them to respect her and her rules – or else it was time to move out.

I don’t know how many kids she helped get back on their feet or to get a new lease on life. In her spare time, she likes going to the movies and volunteering for different charities…that and sports!

She is a big time Bears and Bulls fan and she occasionally gets a block of tickets from organizations who know her from her charity work. She has the kids meet her in front of the Doughboy statue when the Bears play OR by the Michael Jordan statue when there’s a Bulls game.

Her birthday is coming up on November 4th. Her PC laptop is almost 5 years old – she has an iPad and i know she wants to switch to an apple computer. It would be a great present for her.