In the midst of all of the drama, Tasha was planning the opening of her “weave bar” and invited all of the ladies to attend. Before the night even began, Ev noticed a typo in the awning in the front of the store which was an indication that this whole night was about to be a hott mess. Tasha finally arrived, fashionably late of course, and Tami asks her for the grand tour of the salon.

It didn’t look like Tasha knew too much about anything that was going on with HER salon and Tami, of course, felt this would be the perfect opportunity to call her out about it! Luckily, Tasha’s weave bar mascot came and interrupted the conversation before it got too intense and thank God she did because we didn’t need to see another episode of Tami popping off! Overall, the verdict on Tasha’s weave bar opening was: a mess! 

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