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What was suppose to be a joke ended up getting a 14-year-old boy expelled from school for a year and facing a judge on an assault charge, both of which the Michigan branch of the American Civil Liberties Union is trying to reverse, Fox 2 News reports.

Kyle Thompson (pictured) was joking around with friends in class last March at Harrison High School in Farmington Hills, Mich., when he produced a ”hit list” of people he wanted to hit on the football field.

Kyle and his friends say the list was just a joke and, when their teacher wanted to take a look, they let her do so. At some point, the teacher took the piece of paper away from Kyle.

This is where the problem began.

In a video produced by the ACLU, Kyle explains what happens next: “My teacher came over. She took [the list] from me, and I got up and grabbed the paper and we were pulling it back and forth. … When we were pulling it back and forth she was laughing at first, so I thought it was just a joke. She got serious, and I let go.”

Watch video version of this story below:

But the teacher claims the exchange was more than serious. She accused Kyle of assaulting her and pulled away from her with great force. The teen’s classmates disagree with her claim, but the teen ended up being escorted to the principal’s office and taken away from the school by police. The teacher told Farmington Hills police that she was concerned about the list.

Despite witness statements contradicting the teacher’s account and the fact that Kyle had not ever been in trouble before, he was expelled under Michigan’s “Zero Tolerance Law,” which states any student who assaults a teacher must be expelled – and not just from their school, but from any Michigan public or charter school for one year.

Watch ACLU video of Kyle talking about his suspension below:

Fox 2 tried getting in contact with the teacher but was not successful. The news station did get a statement from the Farmington Hills School District which questioned the explosion but conceded it can do nothing to reverse it.

“Farmington Public Schools is prohibited by federal confidentiality laws from disclosing information of this type or even acknowledging if an incident like this occurred. The issue raised in this petition presents an opportunity for citizens to examine zero tolerance laws in Michigan. The state legislature has mandated that an assault by a student against a teacher requires a one year expulsion from all public schools within the state.

This is known as a zero tolerance law.

In Farmington, we strive to consider each student and any incident separately and individually, taking all facts and circumstances into account. The zero tolerance law passed by our legislature takes that ability away from us and requires all assaults to be treated the same. It is up to state policy makers to revise these zero tolerance laws, and until that happens, we will continue to follow our legal mandates as they are.”

But Kyle, his mother and the ACLU are fighting back with a Change.org petition, which asks that the teen be placed back in school where he belongs. So far, more than 1,830 people have signed it.

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5 thoughts on “HS Student Expelled Over A Piece Of Paper

  1. Wildflower on said:

    Funny how we never hear of white kids being expelled for years for menial things and taken in handcuffs. So the rest of the class that witnessed what went on statement of what did not happen doesn’t matter? I guess they are learning early about this unjust world we live in. The Superintendent must be named Richard Como.

  2. publicenemy#2 on said:

    LMMFATFO!!!!!!! Wait……you read any good books lately? Have you watched the news or anything within the past 10-13 years? Are you connected or something? Have you ever heard of the semi-fictional character rightfully called: The Devil? If not nevermind. Continue on then…

  3. Blackspeak on said:

    Sometimes the “spirit of the law’ must trump the “letter of the law”… This is such a case. If the teacher did not sustain any physical injuries as a result of the alleged “assault”, this kid should not have been expelled for an entire year.

  4. Sexy Leroy on said:

    Hit list- not a piece of paper. Sugar coating it does not make it right. We need to stop excusing our people’s behavior. The shit was wrong you know it, and so does he. Look at what a hit list did in the NFL…

    • Wildflower on said:

      Shitty Leroy take your fake white ass back to your side. You have no room to try to tell blacks about their issues when you guys are shooting up 4 yr olds with heroin and having sex with animals and posting them online then when they are caught they got the nerve to ask their friends and family to pray for them. I think you got enough on your plate. And the WITNESSES SAY THE KID DIDN”T DO WHAT HE WAS ACCUSED OF. It usually works in the court of law when convicting someone so it should would to set him free.

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