CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago rapper Common says his hometown needs to better understand the young people contributing to its violence problem and be more consistent in efforts to help them.

Common’s comments Friday at a city-sponsored music conference came hours after 13 people were wounded in an attack at a park on the city’s southwest Side. Among the wounded was a 3-year-old boy who was shot in the face.

The Grammy-award winning hip-hop artist told The Associated Press that gang violence may have increased, but so has poverty and other challenges. Common has spoken before about the violence in his hometown. He has established a foundation that helps expose disadvantaged young people to the creative arts.

He says he and other rap artists have to do more to help stem the violence.

(Photo: AP)

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7 thoughts on “Common: Chicago Needs to Better Understand Youth

  1. I’m (somewhat) disappointed in Common’s comments. No doubt he is concerned about the violence. But, TIME OUT FOR EXCUSES!!!!…..”poverty and challenges” have nothing to do with violence. Lots of people are poor, and we ALL have challenges in one form, or another…….but the majority of people don’t go out and shoot people. EXCUSES!!! EXCUSES!!! Bottom line is that those creating violence haven’t been taught to value life, and have no morals nor ethics

  2. Needs to “understand youth”? Isn’t that the mentality that creates this problem? So, let’s glorify hip hop thug culture, the “no snitches” rule, and black men having many children with multiple women for the taxpayer to take care of, and then “understand youth” to make this better? How about act like sane, responsible adults, two wit: Don’t have children you can’t afford. If you are on welfare then you can’t even take care of yourself, so why are you having multiple children? If you have children, don’t sit around “understanding” them, be a PARENT to them. Discipline them. Teach them accountability, personal responsibility, stress education, self discipline. Sadly, too many of the “parents” producing such feral street children don’t even have these qualities themselves, being the product of multiple generations of welfare.

  3. my parents in law just got a nearly new gold Nissan Xterra SUV
    only from working part-time off a pc at home. official source….. my neighbor’s step-mother makes $85/hr on the internet. S
    he has been laid off for 6 months but last month her check was $20804 just
    working on the internet for a few hours. he said……

  4. The biggest problem is teenagers having babies. They are not equipped mentally or financially to care for a baby. By the time they reach their late 20’s or early 30’s their kids (who are now teenagers) are having babies. It’s a vicious cycle that is hurting the black community.

  5. What about being poor makes you want to open fire on a group of innocent people, including children? I grew up so poor, that my mother used to trade welfare powdered milk for roach extermination. But not once did I ever think about picking up an assault rifle and killing a bunch of folks. Next excuse.

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