HB: Are there “bridesmaid-zilla” moments that stick out to you?

MH: There’s a lot. You’ll have to staying tuned for that. Just know Marlo stood her ground. i wasn’t thinking about none of them “bridesmaid-zillas!” In my mind, I just wanted to make the bride happy. It was all about her. I tried to make that my job.

HB: What do you get a bride like NeNe for a wedding gift?

MH: You know what, I got her a couple of different gifts. You just have to get something cute. It could be a candle, something blinged out, a red bottom–you know she loves Christian Louboutin. If there’s a new pair of Louboutin shoes or bag, get her that. You know what’s crazy–NeNe loves house things. She loves pots, pans, wine glasses, serving dishes, china–entertainment pieces. That was another fun moment. We did her registry together–we picked out wine glasses, cheese cutters, mixers, all of that. So much fun!

HB: What advice would you or have your given NeNe in marrying Gregg a second time around?

MH: Do it the same way, just love harder. Continue to love him. I am not married, but I know that it is beautiful to see them together after all these years they’ve been together. The time they spent separate made them realize, ‘Hey, we’re meant to be together.’ I would also tell them that the grass isn’t as green as it looks on the other side.

HB: What are your thoughts on remarrying someone?

MH: I think it’s a beautiful thing, of course. I’ve experienced it with other friends, people break up and sometimes it takes getting back together to appreciate and value one another. I definitely say do it. Time apart can be good and make you realize that person’s worth. I think they both got it together and treasuring one another. Being around NeNe and Gregg is like being around brothers and sisters. They know what each other is thinking. It’s something you’ve never seen in your life.

HB: What’s your dream wedding look like?

MH: Oh my Lord! Something crazy–I don’t even know. I can’t even begin to think about it. I know there will be a lot of crystals and candles. You know it’s going to be over-the-top with a lot of glam! [laughs]

HB: What are you currently working on?

MH: Of course, “I Dream Of NeNe” is on now. We’re working on a lot of projects with my Glam It Up Girls. I was raised in a foster home as a child and it was a no-brainer. I go to different agencies, I get foster girls and we go to eat, church, plays, games–we do everything. I want them to know the future is theirs, no matter if their mom and dads are there or not. You can find that at You can follow me on Twitter at @IHeartMarlo. Get to know Marlo. I am as real as it gets. I am on a different planet and I’m ok on that planet. There’s a human beyond the fabulousness.

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