Comedian Chris Paul gives us his hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics.

While Jesse Jackson, Jr. sits behind bars the federal government is auctioning off all the crap Jr. bought with the illegal money.  The auction features fur coats, fur jackets, jewelry and a cashmere cape.  A cashmere cape?  Was Jr. embezzling or pimping?

Attention all NFL fans.  According to psychologists fans of losing football teams tend to eat a whole lot more than fans of winners.  So you people, don’t call me fat, call me a Redskins fan.

Many people are wondering why Kanye West is being prosecuted for attacking paparazzi and Lamar Odom wasn’t.  The reason is Kanye has whooped paparazzi ass in the past meanwhile this was Lamar’s first time.  Plus, Kanye left the cameraman with a cracked lens.  And Lamar didn’t leave any crack behind.

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