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Willow Smith, the daughter of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith, hit up Queen Latifah‘s new talk show to sing her new single “Summer Fling” but more people were intrigued by the British accent she debuted.

She said to the crowd, “Just for clarity, the word fling means something that’s short lived. And this song is dedicated to all the kids around the world whose summer is never long enough,” in a thick, British accent.

What do you think about Willow’s performance? What do you think about her accent?

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11 thoughts on “Willow Smith Has a British Accent? (WATCH)

  1. I love how she “clarified” the word fling and obviously clarifying what she wants people to take away from the song. Loved her performance and I love the British accent. I think it’s Willow’s way of reinventing herself, in a small way, but at the same time very intriguing.

  2. What a beautiful girl, wow.. Let’s hope she matures a bit inside as she goes along. The British accent thing is a little bizarre. Madonna lived in England for many years with a British husband, but these kids have been raise in the US by American parents. Homeschooled. The son also speaks with a strange (strange bc it’s not really a British accent.. unlike the daughters above, which sounds completely British. Kids are so funny) accent in the opening of the easily forgettable After Earth, 2013.

  3. Imosoreal on said:

    That song was cute. She was probably having her own little fun and just wanted to talk with an accent, no big deal for me. Seems like people are always trying to figure her out.

  4. she did look better she is starting to look like a young lady ,, she looked tailored she look neat,,
    so she is looking better, but she still cannot sing to me,, why does she use the british accent? does she live over in Europe now. but she will never be the star that they think she will be.

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