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"The House I Live In" Documentary Exposes Racism In War On Drugs (thumbnail)

Today’s Front Page News sparked a heated discussion on racism. Listen to the audio player to hear the latest headlines in news and the reason why Rickey Smiley says racism has sky rocketed to another level.

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Why Racism Has Increased [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] was originally published on

One thought on “Why Racism Has Increased [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. I have this excersise for everyone to do. With everything you hear about race. Listen to it and then replace the words white with black and black with white. If it stings a little then it is racist. This works for both white and black people. For example. When Fox stood up to promote Dajango. And he said I get to kill a lot of white people how black is that.

    We must fight racism everywhere we find it. In the black and white community. We must insist that hollywood, media and politicians stop pushing God out of our lives.

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