The newest wave of talk shows primarily aimed at younger women attempt to use celebrity hosts to not only talk about personal issues but to share their own personal stories, a departure from what Oprah, Phil Donahue and even the more sensational hosts like Jerry Springer and Sally Jesse Rafael tried to do.  They would reveal some things about themselves but there was clearly a line that wasn’t to be crossed.

Even as Maury, one of the last of the original tabloid talk show hosts returns for another season, you can be 99.9 percent sure people will still have an interest in “Who’s the daddy” kind of drama.

In fact, that’s what the producers of “Paternity Court,” are banking on.

Even though I believe “Paternity Court” is supposed to concentrate less on adults fighting and more on them working on ways to live with the reality of the poor choices they’ve made, it’s still pretty Maury-ish.

Seems drama has to be present if it’s going to last.

I will support “Paternity Court” because I think that Judge Lake and the show producers are producing this show with their hearts in the right place.

And I’m a big television court fan.

What about you?

Are you open to more positive television programming? Or are you ok with the status quo because it provides an escape from your day-to-day life? If you’re a visionary, tell me what you think the next popular talk show medium will be.

Share all thoughts in the comment section below.

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5 thoughts on “Do We Still Care Whose Baby It Is?

  1. For some reason, I favor court shows as well as ID’s murder and mayhem. If I am home and the news gets my insanity pumping, I will watch Maury Povich, so mostly likely, I will watch “Paternity Court ” as well. If it is interesting, I might be sure to TiVo it.

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