Media mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has to roll over $1 million to rapper Rick Ross after losing in a game of craps.

An instagram video was posted to both Diddy and Rick Ross’ pages that shows Diddy drinking a sip of Ciroc before rolling his hand in a game of dice. (See below)

Soon after, Diddy, 43, tweeted, “I just lost a million to @rickyrozay in the studio recording Big Homie” followed by a note to Rick Ross cementing the debt.


Since Diddy is worth about $580 million, I guess $1 million is really not a thang.

4 thoughts on “Diddy Loses $1 Million to Rapper Rick Ross Shooting Dice

  1. Hey can someone get in contact with either one of them and tell them I need a measely $100K to gut out my house and upgrade my car. Thanks.

  2. this could have been a donation paid to a HBCU or tution paid to a student or needy family. Shame how some people are blessed with money who really do not need it

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