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Tami Roman says that she is fed up with being made to look like a bully and will not be returning to Basketball Wives next season.

When asked by a fan on Twitter about coming back to the show for a 7th season, Roman’s answer was simple.

So far during this season, executive director Shaunie O’Neal, her right-hand goon Evelyn Lozada and Suzy Ketcham ,who’s just happy anyone is friends with her at all, have decided that Roman is going to be this season’s outcast.

This has been particularly hurtful for Roman who is grieving the loss of her mother, Nadine Buford, who passed away on July 23.

Tackling the sensitive topic in her video blog, Roman makes it clear that this is not just entertainment for her. She’s sharing a painful journey and she is also clear where O’Neal’s loyalties lie.

One thing is for certain, Roman plans on addressing all of her frenemies during the reunion special.

See Roman defend her character in her YouTube video blogs:

When one door closes, however, another one opens.

Roman has replaced Tamar Braxton as a co-host on VVH1′s “Tiny Tonight,” recently tweeting the following:

“Joining the girls of Tiny Tonight, cant wait 2work w/ @TinyMajorMama TRINArockstarr & @claudiajordan -Thank U Tiny!”

We’re rooting for you, Tami!

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2 thoughts on “Tami Roman Quitting Basketball Wives? [VIDEO]

  1. Tami needs to stop complaining. Everyone knows that she hasn’t turned over a new leaf but she wants us to believe that she has. Whatever. She’s still evil and negative. People like her always want to blame ‘production’ or editing or Shaunie. Take accountability for your own actions for once. Good riddance to her.

  2. All of those so called reality show are foolishness, It’s sad that people find them entertaining. They are the new soaps. I don’t waste my time on that garbage.

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