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Comedian Chris Paul gives his hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics.

On Monday Night Football the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Washington Washington Football Team 33 to 27.  And Washington Football Team QB RG3 was a little less than spectacular in his return.  Let’s just say that last night the RG stood for Rex Grossman.

A top TV executive says that Lamar Odom’s drug addiction is going to cause the cancellation of the Kardashian’s TV show.  So can we really still say that crack is all bad?

Anthony Weiner is losing it.  First he got all enraged on the Today Show over questions about his wife.  Then he said he’d never run for Congress again because it ain’t a great place to be.  All this while his New York mayoral campaign is floundering.  Man, it looks like Weiner’s in a hole (rim shot).  Weiner needs to keep is head up (rim shot).  Weiner is easily pissed off and shaken (rim shot).  The press knows all his business because Wiener keeps leaking (rim shot).  It sounds like if he can’t finish on top then Weiner is slipping through the back door (rim shot).