Johnny Mo

Up-and-coming singer Johnny Mo just took gospel music to another level with his new song, a remake of R. Kelly’s “Bump And Grind” — yes, you read that correctly. It’s a gospel version of the classic R&B, baby-making hit!

“I Don’t See Nothing Wrong With Living for Jesus” is the name of the record and Johnny Mo performed it with no remorse or second thought during a live broadcast of an Atlanta-based Christian show.

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During the interview on WATC TV, Johnny Mo said he recorded the track to “witness to the body of Christ” and “connect with people outside of the body.”

“As Jesus said, he didn’t come here for those who already believed in him. Like a doctor, he came for those who are sick,” he explained. “So for those who listen to genres outside of gospel music, it’s something that they can relate to already.”

Despite criticism within and outside of the church, Johnny said he doesn’t see anything wrong (no pun intended) with recreating secular music for God.

“I’m just lacing it with gospel lyrics,” he said. “I believe God is raising up a new standard in young people to go back into the enemy’s camp and take back what was taken front he body of Christ and put it back into the body of Christ.”

This is definitely a song that you have to hear to believe. Check out his live performance and interview below, then tell us what you think of his message in the comment section.


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2 thoughts on “Did He Go Too Far? Gospel Singer Remakes R. Kelly’s ‘Bump And Grind!’

  1. Marnecia on said:

    Where do people draw the line. As for me, I Did Not feel the presence of God being ushered in. May God have mercy on us all!-Amen

  2. R. Kelly is getting a royalty check in the mail when gospel radio plays this Johnny Mo tune. It’s a new day and the James Cleveland, Mahalia Jackson, Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Dixie Hummingbirds, Edwin Hawkins, Andre Crouch flavor is not going to reach the young adult audience. A Kirk Franklin does, Mary, Mary does, Johnny Mo does. Whether he fill concert halls and stadiums is another matter. But time will tell.

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