Sadly, this season of “R&B Divas: LA”, has come to an end but not without first giving us an intense reunion special. And thanks to Lil Mo’s HelloBeautiful Twitter takeover, we had an all-access pass to the drama.

All of the ladies, minus Dawn, were present to defend their actions, confront their “enemies” from this past season and also clear up any misconceptions that we may have gotten from watching the show. Wendy Williams hosted and right from the start called Dawn a coward for not attending. The attention didn’t stay on Dawn for very long as Wendy went from diva to diva breaking down each of their actions on the show, their past relationship problems and their friendships (or lack thereof) with each other.

Find out what happened below, and watch the full episode here in case you missed it! Check back next Wednesday at 10pm, as Lil Mo takes over HelloBeautiful’s Twitter account for the second part of the reunion!

Relationship Woes

dasdPicMonkey CollageHostess Wendy Williams didn’t waste any time and dove right in, touching on the girls’ past relationships. Claudette cleared up rumors that she slept with both members in City High (although in a way she kind of did) saying that she dated one of the members when she was a teenager and ended up marrying the other member once she became an adult. Wendy then asked Michel’le about her relationship with Suge Knight and Dr. Dre and she revealed that she did indeed date both of them and had a child with both. Wendy joked that her past relationships with them was probably the reason why she was still single today. Let’s be honest, those two are a little intimidating! Later in the episode, Wendy questioned Chante about her relationship with ex- husband Kenny Lattimore and asked if the reason for their divorce was because Kenny was secretly gay. Although Chante didn’t deny or confirm the rumors, she did say that she was still in a nasty custody battle with him over their son.

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One thought on “Are The Girls Intimidated By Kelly Price? ‘R&B Divas: LA Reunion’ [RECAP]

  1. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Wendy was out of line when Chante said she didn’t want to talk about Kenny she went and asked Kelly about Kenny. She better be sure her husband isn’t gay because looking at her he is sleeping with a man every night. I saw that stapled, gray curtain backdrop monologue that Dawn and Kelly did and I thought it was a production from a kindergarten class. Bootleg theatre at it best and I only heard 5 people clapping. They never showed how many people actually showed up like they did with the girls. The ladies should be glad they stayed with Fred their production was much more professional and flowed nicely.

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