FX is moving some of its popular shows to new sister channel FXX, including its late night offering, “Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell,” which premiered on the mother ship last year.

Executive produced by Chris Rock, the show also expands from weekly to nightly, which Bell finds rather liberating.

“I think Friday was always a really bad day for us because we had just done the show on Thursday, and Friday we’d sort of show up at the office and some big news story would break, and you’d be, like, ‘Man, we have to hit this.’ And we’d start writing into it, and then by Tuesday we were, like, ‘Oh, this is dead,’ either because other shows have talked about it, or it’s just we are not thinking about it as a culture anymore,” he told TV critics in August at the TCA Summer Press Tour.

“Also the thing about a weekly show is that sometimes you have too much time to think, and you talk yourself out of a dangerous idea that you would have just done if you had to do it that night – not dangerous, but a provocative idea. And so the daily show gives us less sort of more chance to plan but less time to think, which, for comics, less time to think is generally a good thing.”

Bell, who regularly puts his comedic spin on race, says one of his racial pet peeves is when white people attempt to judge what is racist and what is not. Listen below.

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9 thoughts on “W. Kamau Bell: Whites Can’t Have Final Say on What’s Racist

  1. truthshallsetyoufree on said:

    JanCorey shut up. your statement is more ignorant than Kamua Bell. Now anyone can say what is racist or not. The lord has taught everyone to tell the difference between right and wrong. So it is up to everyone to point out if something is wrong. We don’t own racism. Racism is a darkness that can grow in anyone.

  2. JanCorey on said:

    Whites can say what is racist because that is the race that is most educated and the race that has the most money in the entire world.

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