TI & Tiny Marital Trouble

Marriage isn’t for the faint of heart and every now and then, even our favorite couples, go through it. That moment has arrived for T.I. and Tiny, who are acting out their troubles and woes on social media. Days ago, Tiny posted this photo on her Instagram, ringing the alarm in their marriage:

T.I. Recently posted this photo and status on his personal page:

“My Mama & Daddy back before da struggles of parenthood,relationships,& everyday life tore them apart. Damn dey look happy. Wonder what went wrong? Heh who knows? But da least I owe then both is to learn from them & never live life unhappily. I miss Pops…if he was here I got a gang of shit I’d ask him. But fuck it….I’ll figure it out. Somehow. #hustlegangovererrrthang”

We hope they are able to bounce back. Relationships aren’t easy.

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