HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Fans are upset after Dave Chappelle stopped his headlining set at a Connecticut comedy show because of hecklers and left the stage after telling only a few jokes.

Chappelle was the closing act Thursday night at the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival at the Comcast Theatre in Hartford.

Fans say he stopped his routine after only a few minutes. He sat on a stool making comments about the situation and responding to hecklers until the end of what apparently was his contractually mandated time on stage.

The Oddball Fest posted a tweet asking Hartford to “pipe down and let Dave Chappelle do his thing!”

Some fans say the whole thing was awkward, and some say they should get refunds.

A representative for Chappelle couldn’t be reached Friday.

(Photo: AP)

2 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle Heckled at Conn. Show, Stops Performance

  1. The message here is that the establishment doesn’t want Dave Chappelle back. They don’t want DC back because they don’t want any strong black male figure in hollywood. And so long as they can keep these “hecklers” to frustrate his shows, everything’s going according to plan. The music industry likes to build THEN destroy. I can’t really say they underestimate black ppl but when black men excell they are shortly destroyed. Happened to Suge Knight, Master P, Dame Dash, Irv Gotti. In comedy it even happened to Katt Williams. Hollywood doesn’t want powerful black men. DC made all these demands and they just won’t give them to him. So he says F comedy central and does his little shows but you still see these “hecklers” following him around.
    It saddens me to see black people partake in the DC’s breakdown. Not everyone’s comfortable wearing dresses like Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry doesn’t appeal to some of us. Why force DC to do things he doesn’t want to do? This illuminati is real and they’re using us to destroy us. WAKE UP!!!

  2. Blakgod on said:

    I saw Chappelle a few years ago perform in Detroit. The show was magnificent. Fortunately I went to the first show. From what I heard the second show was ruined by hecklers. Dave was barely 20 minutes into his set before he was interrupted by drunken patrons. He tried to soldier on but with the continuous and loud interruptions he finally quit. Can’t blame the man for that. Sounds like he had a similar night in Connecticut.

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