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Don’t miss the famous speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today on MSNBC at 4 p.m. eastern. CNN will also air the original video of the speech, but no air time has been announced.

This week, America has celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, where King made his iconic and memorable speech.

(Photo: AP)

#MLK50: Images From the New March on Washington
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2 thoughts on “MSNBC to Air Rare Re-Broadcast of ‘I Have a Dream Speech’ Today 4 p.m. EST

  1. Breaking News: White Guy Gets $3.25M in Racial Discrimina​tion Case (Source) Perhaps, he got justice- What about this article? Will anyone help them get Justice?

    50 years MLK Day celebration: KKK Threat saddens my heart. They’re marching I’m still dealing with racism, unfair education system and violations of injustices. 50 years later, there is less of an” innocent until proven guilty system.” There is less interest in remedy injustices and equal rights. There is almost no interest in discovering the truth. People that can provide legal help, don’t have time unless you have the money. By the time a poor person can save the money, the statue time of limitations is up. This plan works out perfect for the persons and corporations in the wrong. However, it keeps the oppressed depressed for they have waited so long for nothing.
    Their justice fighting went from days to years without seeing JUSTICE come to light. The court will not hear the long kept evidence. So, while we cry for help, they flip the calendar of no justice.

    rjohnson4ob(at)gmail (dot) com

  2. Although we have heard Martin Luther King’s speech on countless occasions, today, it was different; perhaps it meant something different. It was special and more meaningful. After listening to the other speakers, I cried when they played the “I Have A Dream” speech. Yes, we have come so far, yet we have at least a million more miles to go.
    We have to continue to fight for people like Rayar Johnson’s children and those who are still fighting the tough and ugly hatred of racism. We have to fight for our children. Although our children only make up 1/3 of our population, they are 100% of our future.
    Please continue to fight, and PLEASE fight for Ms. Johnson’s children as they endure racism in Mississippi.
    “I have a dream that one day even the State of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.”
    There is no justice and the oppression continues.

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