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What were you doing as an 11-year-old? Well, one pre-teen named Carson Huey-You is in his first year of college!

Huey-You, 11, was the co-valedictorian of his senior class and on-top of that he is studying Quantum Physics in college; one of the more difficult majors to choose from.

In his first semester, he is taking a 14-hour course load including tough subjects like physics and calculus.

The Texas native also boasts various talents that include playing the piano and speaking fluent Mandarin Chinese, reports the TCU Online Newspaper.

His mother, Claretta Huey-You told TCU that she knew her son was gifted from the start, saying, “he could add, subtract, multiply and divide by age three. He was working at an eighth grade level by the age of five.” He’s also been able to read chapter books since the age of two.

But don’t let the smarts fool you, he still loves to do things other kids do like playing video games, participating in sports like basketball and hanging out with his friends.

He plans to graduate college at 15 or 16-years-old.

What an amazing kid!

One thought on “AMAZING: Texas Christian University Admits 11-Year-Old Student

  1. lana34 on said:

    I disagaree with an 11 year old being in college this early it dont negate his being gifted hwoever, he needs to wait until he is 15 16 years old..imjs. people curse, dress nasty and say things which he dont need to be exposed to . They shouldnt change the way college students act because his little ass is there.

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