Beyonce has been shaking things up in the hair department. First, Bey shared a few photos of herself without her iconic diva hair. The short Rihanna-esque chopped ‘do was a nice departure from what we’re used to with Beyonce, but many fans cried, kicked and screamed about Bey’s pixie cut.

A few days later, Beyonce attempted to silence her haters in ways only she can and was seen on the scene with a new cropped bob. Personally, I thought Beyonce’s hair was where she kept her superpowers, so I wasn’t sure how she was still going to perform with the same level of Sasha Fierceness! However, Beyonce let it be known via Instagram that despite missing more than 10″ of that luxurious Malaysian wavy, she’s still got what it takes to rock the stage and give you your life!

Beyonce performed at the V Festival in the UK this weekend and showed off the cropped bob and proved that she’s still just as sassy sans her lengthy tresses. Bey’s colorist, Rita Hzaen, whined about the hair being gone, saying, “I think for her performances we’ll probably see her put it on. Because she’s gotta whip that hair around on stage.”

Check out the photos Beyonce posted to prove that she is not her hair.

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