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The number one movie in America is The Butler.  Lee Daniels, The Butler earned $25 million dollars at the box office.  So congratulations to Lee Daniels Forrest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey.  And if you think The Butler was great, wait until you see the sequel.  Inspired by a true story.  I’m Earl Gatson.  I’m the new bartender.  Earl, did you go to bartender school?  No, sir.  Mr. President.  I learned to pour in a strip club.  Well, there ain’t nothing wrong with thatHe was a man of honor.  When this country is falling apart the President needs a drink.  And when the First Lady is feeling horny, that’s when he needs to get to’ed up.  Who overcame his past.  President Clinton, I made you a special drink, one that will make any ol’ gal look attractive.  And became a part of history.  I’m sorry, Mr. Bartender, I didn’t mean to make fun of your president.  Boy, I don’t care what you say about President Bush.  Don’t miss George Daniels The Bartender.  Uh-oh, Tavis and Cornell are on the phone.  Better pour President Obama a double.  George Daniels The Bartender coming soon.