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Terrence Howard is being bad again.

It was just last week that his ex-wife accused him of beating her up.

Now, the actor is being sued his landlord. Actually, that would be his former landlord ’cause “The Butler” star has been evicted, reports TMZ.

According to court documents filed in Manhattan, Howard’s lease on a West Broadway apartment ended back in November, 2012, but he kept living there until at least May of this year when he was formally evicted.

The landlord is now suing Howard for an unspecified amount of unpaid rent and legal fees as well.

Meanwhile, details are now leaking about a 2005 incident involving Howard, who also lives in suburban Philadelphia, who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after a violent altercation with a woman at a local diner, reports the Philly Post’s Victor Fiorillo.

The Gawker blog picked up the story and pointed out yet another incident where Howard was accused of assaulting a woman.

In 2000, Howard was on a Continental Airlines flight from Toronto to Cleveland. According to reports from that time, Howard was standing in the aisle while the seat belt light was on. The actor was reportedly taking his toddler to the bathroom.

A female flight attendant told Howard to sit down. He allegedly grabbed her wrist and yelled at her to get out of his way, a police lieutenant told the press at the time. When the plane landed in Cleveland, Howard was charged with assault and spent the night in jail. But the district attorney’s office dropped the case, explaining that it was a federal matter because it occurred in the skies in an airplane.

The FBI investigated, but federal charges were never filed.

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