On the new TV One hit series “R&B Divas: LA,” Kelly Price comes off a bit harsh and cold but her cast mate Dawn Robinson says she has feelings and is hurt by the image portrayed on the show.

“I’ve just been praying with Kelly because her heart is broken over what she sees of herself [on the show]. You build up a career to a certain point, you fought and battled through that career to be heard and seen. People talked about her weight and all the different things, and now to have a reality show tear you down?” Dawn told 4UMF.com.

On the show, Kelly had an idea to include the other ladies in a show similar to the “Vagina Monologues” where they could all share their story. But when her co-stars, mainly Chante Moore and Lil Mo, moved forward with the idea without considering Kelly’s input, things began to really heat up. In the end, Kelly came off as a bit of a control freak.

“It’s like you come to everybody with an idea of your own, and then they just kick you out of the car and put someone else in place of who you have in mind. I think you’d be pretty pissed at that as well,” said Dawn who defended Kelly’s desire to use the director that she originally wanted, despite Chante and Lil Mo working well with a new guy.

We still have to stay tuned to see how it all unfolds, but in April Dawn and Kelly performed a one-night only “Not Your Mama’s Monologues,” that may suggest the ladies were unable to patch things up.

“They want to show us fighting against each other. They want to show anger, the angry Black woman,” said Dawn. That is not what I signed up for! I signed up for positivity.”

21 thoughts on “Dawn Robinson Says Kelly Price’s ‘Heart is Broken’ Over TV Portrayal

  1. Marquette06 on said:

    I watched the R&B Divas franchises until the first sign of drama and then I stopped. I’m not going to support another show that portrays us as uneducated, unintelligent, baby mamas, gold diggers, doormats, scheming drama queens or fighting black women. Even the show about black women doctors is full of mess. Shame on Bravo, MTV, TV-One, BET and even OWN for perpetuating the stereotype and not even offering a balance of programming showing POSITIVE women of color working together for a common good. My sisters, as good as these shows may seem to be to you, this is what our kids are watching and learning. These shows are teaching our boys not to respect us and to treat us as pieces of meat. These shows are teaching our daughters that fighting and cussing and being disrespectful, not only to others but to self, is the way to get ahead. These shows are teaching our girls that the goal is to be a baller’s baby mama, or that they should endure disrespect from men and other women for the sake of for a few minutes of fame and a check. I know some people are saying, it’s just a tv show. To them I say look at who our kids aspire to be. Kim Kardashian was a nobody until she made a sex tape and now, young girls everywhere want to be her. These people influence our kids and the damage we are doing to our children with these shows and our behavior as parents, is irreversible. What they learn now will forever be a part of who they are. Stop supporting this mess…please. (2)

  2. Marquette06 on said:

    I was really disappointed with both R&B Divas franchises. I was hoping against hope that these so-called reality shows would actually show black women as sisters, working together for a common goal. I’m not naïve, I do understand that these women are trying to jumpstart their careers as well as bring home a check, but I wonder if they considered the real cost of signing on the dotted line. Trust me, they have their legal people go over those contracts with a fine-tooth comb so they know what they are signing up for. What they do know is that bad behavior is rewarded. Kelly, NeNe, Kenya, Tamar, the Kardashians, Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson etc…all of these women were the drama queens and their bad, disrespectful, downright low class behavior is rewarded with spin-off shows and new music projects. And then when it backfires, they fuss that the show edited them to look crazy or mean or rude. They know this when they sign up for it…don’t believe the hype. I would ask these women to consider the millions of young women all over the world who watch these shows and believe the stereotype of the angry black woman or that black women are crabs in a barrel always pulling each other down, not uplifting one another. I would ask these women stop allowing the networks, editors and producers to define who we are as black women. And for the record, YES to people in other parts of the world, these shows are who they believe us to be. (1)

  3. Kelly cannot blame the way she is seen on TV on a “portrayal”. What is being seen is exactly what she gave the cameras or producers. I doubt there was a whole lot of editing involved to make her look that way. What she needs to do is take time for a little self-reflection and therapy to deal with her insecurities.

  4. Dawn Robinson is a weak ass woman intrigued by the “bulliness” of Kelly Price. Price surprised me with such a trashy attitude and character for a so called Diva start something then when someone feel you’d idea I’d a good one and sees you dragging your feet, tells you they knoe someone who can get it going, Price’s “crab in a barrel” attitude strikes, like Moore is trying to “take” her idea away, she just wanted to get it going! It’s going to be her baby hell the viewing audience can see that. That’s our problem and why we can’t come together as sisters damn claws always hanging out. Timberlands, Vaseline and s straight razor please, I guess you can take the girl out of the hood,but you can’t take the hood out of the girl. Grow the hell up big ass baby.

  5. TonyJean on said:

    I agree with all of the previous comments and will add that had it not been for Lil Mo and Chante I would not want to see how the season ends. I will also not be tuning in after the end of this season. They tricked a Sista into thinking this was different from R&B Divas! Lol I give myself permission to watch only one train wreck: sorry Divas that train wreck is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!

  6. Kelly came off as the second coming of Whitney Houston that day!!! She was very nasty, rude, and combative with everyone, especially Chante. Chante took the high road in this whole situation and I am so glad that she just really wanted to keep things professional. I have lost so much respect for Kelly Price and not even her talent can overshadow her attitude at this point. Where is Claudia Ortiz these days? Dawn is really not a helpful part of the show either and I can tell now that she can be very two-faced; maybe that’s why she got kicked out of EnVogue too!

  7. I’m sorry she feels bad, but she did it to herself! Even if it is scripted, she could have said NO! That’s not how I want to represent myself in the National format… Damn Kelly what were you thinkin!!!!

    • Msknoitall on said:

      I don’t think that there was any camera trickery, Kelly said and did the things that were aired. She acted the fool, was combative, rude, uncompromising and unprofessional. That situation could have been managed if she had kept a cool head. But bringing boots, Vaseline and a straight razor? There was no recovering from that!!!! She should have known better!

  8. Shon Johnson on said:

    Kelly is just a spoiled brat!!! Yes it was her idea but nothing was moving. Two points for Chante and Lil Mo for having drive and took the initiative in getting something started at least. Kelly was extremely rude to Fred (director/producer). Is she really a god fearing woman because I’m sure He’s was looking down at her in disappointment. Bottom line…Kelly wanted her way with no input or say from the others ladies. I’ve always been a fan of Chante but I love her even moreso now…she don’t back down and ain’t scared of nobody!!! Gone sister girl…I ain’t mad at u!!! Side note: Dawns voice is annoying and I’m sorry she’s too old to be trying to get pregnant.

  9. dewilliams30 on said:

    I know that it’s reality tv most of us are aware of how they can edit and show what they want us to see and not the real picture? I hope we are smarter than that. Regardless I do agree that what I saw is what I have to go by and it looked like Kelly was being portrayed as ‘crazy’. The typical ‘darker skinned big girl’ coming off as being rude angry at times and yes bipolar. Kelly first off with bringing the idea to the Ladies should have said I have someone in mind already. You will be meeting this person at the play that I won’t be attending?? Would that have been so hard? This show is FAKE just like all the rest so people do yourself a favor and don’t get all crazy over this scripted BULL!

  10. Chrissy on said:

    Dawn is a follower R&B Divas don’t need her she has no reason not to do the show but we will see what happens next week. As for Kelly she’s making things look bad for herself she’s quitting because she’s too busy whatever you knew you was busy before the show started talking about I’m in the studio I’ve haven’t heard no recent music. Everybody is busy on this show except Dawn and Kelly makes it sound like she’s the only one with a life taking care of kids is more important than what you’re doing!

  11. Rewind Selector! Chante told her about the other director. It took Kelly, two weeks to finally make it too the 3rd session! She’s being a DIVA! Mosly because she’s BORING!

  12. Kelly made herself seem the way she came off. She was rude and not very nice to the guy who she was made aware of would produce. her attitude was rude and i am proud of how Chante and Lil Mo dealt with her. kelly should be ashamed of herself. I used to be a fan not so sure anymore. She needs to learn how to treat people.

  13. Kelly knows what she is doing. The words are coming out of her mouth! Kelly have a bad attitude on the show. If she have a issue let Chante know, Kelly lying on the show, She was told by Chante and Mo that they was bring a producer on.

    • She ain’t leaving that CHECK!!! I agree with you though. Its like a lot of us, some of us hate our jobs and the people we work with, but we ain’t about to quit unless we have something else lined up!! I’m sure Kenya Moore knows how much she gets talked about for her role on her reality show, but she getting paid and could probably care less because she getting paid!! Its all about money for some people. Is it all about money for Kelly is now the question.

  14. SEE!! This is the problem with these reality shows. A person could really be a good person in real life. Have a good heart and not have much drama personally. But when it comes to that person starring on a reality show, that can get lost. A good person can be turned into what Kelly is talking about she is being portrayed. I wonder if she wants to give those CHECKS back? Does she feel THAT badly about how she is being portrayed that she would quit the show and not be paid for it? I think (I’m not positive) that Kenya Moore may also be in this boat from the standpoint that she may really not be the same person that is portrayed on that show. I think it just comes with the territory. These shows don’t do well if their is no drama, cat fighting and people cting a fool.

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