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WASHINGTON (AP) — A gospel singer who says God delivered him from being gay was removed from a concert lineup at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial after a request from Washington’s mayor.

The Washington Post reports singer Donnie McClurkin was scheduled to perform at the concert Saturday evening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Several gay rights activities objected to his participation ahead of the event.

Doxie McCoy, a spokeswoman for Mayor Vincent Gray, says the Grammy-winning singer decided not perform because the purpose of the event was to bring people together.

But in a video statement, McClurkin says he was “asked not to attend” and was uninvited from the concert. McClurkin says there should be freedom of speech “as long as it’s done in love.”

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45 thoughts on “Donnie McClurkin Removed from MLK Concert Over Ex-Gay Claims

  1. for years now the question have been asked…..”who are you to judge”, the answer to that question is ; no-one is judging anyone, god have already passed that judgement……you can all go read about it in LEVITICUS 20-13, the answers are there for the world to read and live by.

  2. elaine on said:

    All things are possible if you only believe! My God can do all things. Oh, ye of little faith. We are all different and our walks are all different. I can not and will not pick and choose your life’s journey and I will thank you not to chose mine. If this is about civil rights, should not Donnie McClurkin have the right to be and own his life’s story too! Isn’t this denying him his right to be who he is. Some gay folks are acting like he’s a traitor or something. That’s just wrong. I’m suppose to accept you, but you can’t accept me. Wrong!!!!!

  3. First of all, the civil right movement has nothing to do with ‘homosexuals’, what you chose in your bed is your business. This is ludicrous when did ‘gay activities’ even care about ‘civil rights’? When they government wants to remove the ‘civil rights acted’ anyways. I am so displeased ‘how these groups’ are taking away the value of history with their own selfish propaganda. Please, let one of these so called for the people groups check me, as for the rest of these crowds I won’t back down. The gay rights groups once again are taking away from Martin Luther King event and the March and putting it on themselves. Donnie McClurk has the constitutional right to say whatever he wants, and that is his experience than get over it! These groups acted as though everyone needs to except their life style, hell I am not sleeping with you. Why do you care what I think anyways? This man should have the right to perform, its representing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he was a minister who stood on God law. And, for all those who aren’t black the church was the black folks foundation back in those days. Therefore, spare me with the ‘extra-crap’, you like to put in the history books to prove your point. Honestly, I am glad I am not attending, because if this events for everyone. It sadden me that Donnie McClurkin isn’t someone! Pathetic!

  4. Patrick on said:

    This is a secular civil rights event. It is not a religious event. Mr. McClurkins views are based on his religious views. Why would his religious views be welcome at a secular event?

    • Frankly on said:

      “Secular” event honoring the late REVEREND Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ummm, I think he might have been a Christian minister who stood on God’s principles and overcame the injustices of this Country’s segregation/racist principles and laws. Wao….”Secular”…There weren’t any secularists around when the Civil Rights movement was in full swing ma’ dude.The church was the vehicle that moved the people to stand up against this Satanic movement. Thry boycotted, sat in and died for this cause. Take your drivel somewhere else. Peace.

    • When did he make the statement? Was it in connection with attending the concert, or was he simply stating what God has done in his life? So what if it’s a secular event. What does his statement of deliverance have to do with whether or not he attends the event? Did he say, “Yes, I would love to perform at this landmark concert, and by the way, God delivered me from homosexuality”? And on another note, WHY is he a bigot because he made the statement in the first place? Did he say gay people should not attend the concert? Has he said gay people have no value? Was he hateful? Cruel? Malicious? Yet because people disagree with is basic position on homosexuality, he is asked not to perform and then castigated in the comment section of this article. I think people are taking his statement and going way out into left field with it.

  5. The was coming to the event to celebrate a very significant event and who is it to say that there won’t be other LGBT persons in the crowd. We call ourselves Christians yet we want to deny people from participating in a concert or attending your church. We are all children of God.

  6. Judge not for ye shall be judged, this is ridiculous what will they do next? bar him from any Gospel Events,I don’t think so, God gave him his talents & treasures, so what is the problem?

  7. The only thing I have faith in is that this coming Sunday thousands of ministers will be standing on a pulpit collecting money, and meanwhile riding around in Bentleys, and Benzs, and living in mansions. And some of these ministers are gay (in fact I think a Priest recently came out of the closet). For the record I think it’s hypocritical to deny McClurkin a spot on the program. He has the right to his opinion, and convictions just like everyone else

    • Joy, people in different professions ride around in Benz, live in mansions, etc. and the people that they know, or who live 15 minutes away, are in poor conditions. Should they not? Who gets to say where people live, what they drive, or wear?

      Are you atheist, or just don’t believe in religion? What made you feel the way that you do? Did you grow up believing in this manner, or did your views change at some point? I’m just curious.

      • Tami: I use to go to church 20 years ago; but at some point my views changed. I became disgusted with church in that ministers have been preaching the same sermons for decades. People that have been in the church for years know the sermons by hard.With the thousands; perhaps millions of churches throughout the country there shouldn’t be a hungry, or homeless person in the country if the church was really doing what they are commissioned to do as outlined in the bible. Instead of listening to the same sermons every week why doesn’t the congregation (and ministers) go out into the community some Sundays and talk to the homeless and reach out with funding to make sure they have a roof above their head. You can rationalize ministers living high on the hog if you’d like; but I don’t think that’s what religious ministers are meant to do. And no I’m not saying they should live like palbers….but come on now mansions, private planes, etc. They want get jack from me. And yes I do give back….but just not in the form of being pimped.

      • Tami: You mentioned “professions”. Is being a minister a “profession,” or is it a bigger calling to do things above, and beyond a profession? Talk is cheap (as in the same sermons being put forth week after week). Actions have always been stronger than words. Churches typically collect cans goods at Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Well what about the people that are hungry, and homeless year round? Yes I know that some churches have soup kitchens; but it’s still not enough. Like I said….if the thousands of churches were REALLY doing what they are supposed to be doing there would be no hungry nor homeless. I think churches have become nothing more than businesses, and I for one see thru the okey doke

  8. MariAnne Bolton on said:

    So let me get this right. We shouldn’t EXLUDE gay ppl. from anything – – But it’s OK to EXCLUDE anyone if they disagree with gay ppl. Mayor Grey-Area, What were you thinking. Do y’all REALLY believe Martin Luther King, Jr. would have EXCLUDED Donnie M. for that reason? If y’all think yes, you need to cancel the March.

    • We fight not against flesh and blood, but spirits and principalitites in high places. on said:

      Every group can have an opinion on this except for Christians. No one questions Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, or any other religion about their beliefs regarding homosexuality because the people are being used to do the work of “their father”…

  9. Rachel2 BlackSons on said:

    What ever happened to ” LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR”? I didn’t not see the follow-on passage that said “..except if he is not exactly like you, then judge him, persecute him, and sin against him. Love thy neighbor because he may be ME (Jesus). When HE returns, you will not know him, he will not announce it or wear a name tag. So won’t some fee really dumb if they persecute the wrong one?

  10. Rachel2 BlackSons on said:

    Well, at one point in time the word was interpreted to approve of slavery because the Negros were sub-human and meant to be servant to the Man of God. Also, women are the property of their father then their husband to treat as he wishes. So whomever is saying that the bible cannot be misinterpreted needs to check your history. – Any book written by MAN and translated over 800 time in 300 languages is BOUND TO BE MISINTERPRETED. Homosexuality may be a sin, but so is lust, adultery, coveting, envy, and judgments and pride, but there is plenty of each in all of us. What someone does when the door is closed is her or her business.

    • Rachel the bible is also full of MANY contradictions which is one of the main reasons I don’t subscribe to the bible, or religion. To each his own though.

    • wgailb on said:

      I agree. They also don’t want it to get out that GOD can deliver anyone from the homosexual spirit. I guess having Mr. McClurkin around would be a reminder of that.

  11. Kennedy Luckett on said:

    Nora B,
    I have to say that Rev. Hamilton, the author of article you referenced, did not deliver the “product” he or the Washington Post advertised. What does it mean to be gotten wrong? There is no assertion by this trained (I presume) clergyman that there is some exegetical flaw here. Was the original language mistranslated? No, Hebrew, Greek, and Aramic languages are neither liberal nor conservative; they just say what they say. There is no seminary student nor professor I’ve known that argues the words of the text have been mistranslated. Are they misread, misinterpreted, or perhaps nullified elsewhere in Scripture? Again, a simple citing of the nullifying text from Rev. Hamilton would do the job, but he didn’t offer any.
    What we are left with is his cursory comparison of these texts with dissimilar texts, and his conclusion based on his own interactions with people. To which he basically says, well my experience is counter to Scripture, so Scripture must be incorrect. Really? It’s one thing to say, I’m at odds with what the Bible says, and I need to work through it; it’s just dishonest to say everybody else is reading it wrong. It says what it says.
    Lastly, Rev Hamilton is in this predicament because he is trying to disprove a negative: the Bible affirms heterosexual marital intimacy, but there is no text to be found that affirms homosexual intimacy; not even one text. The only time it is mentioned, it is spoken against. So, not only can he not say God is for it, he has to find some way to demonstrate that what the Bible does say about it, it does not mean. And all my brother has for an argument is personal experience – is that enough?

  12. sheilby on said:

    What happened to those of us who want to hears Christian singers or from people who were delived from whatever.. All i will say is Sodom and Gomarrah

  13. They are doing exactly what they complain about! Donnie McClurkin has the right to personal sexual preference. These “gay people aren’t honoring Dr.Martin Luther King or his principles. Shame on them!

  14. That is so sad! First of all, this information is not new about Donnie, and secondly, Donnie is speaking about his experience, not slamming the gay community. Why would anyone prevent him from performing at this event? Shame on them!

  15. One more thing about this. Pastor Donnie has given his testimony MANY times over the YEARS about him being delivered from homosexuality so this is NOTHING new. Its being treated like a new revelation, but many people have known about this for years. He was sexually molested as a child and that led to him going the other way. Whoever booked him for the event should have known this ahead of time.

  16. This is part of what is wrong with the world today. It’s wrong to to the right thing and when you do wrong, you’re OK in the eyes of your peers.I support Donnie McClurkin. For those who are gay who didn’t want Donnie there, they are defeating the real reason behind the march on Washington.

  17. charles mason on said:

    The man has a right to his opinion. Gay people should be very careful when it comes to denying a person the right to say what he/she believes. They should know better.

  18. God Bless you, Pastor Donnie! Stand on the Word! REAL Christians should boycott the MLK event in DC. Dr. King was a man of God before he became a civil rights icon.

    • Oh Boy!! Here we go again. Another suggestion for a Boycott. How about Boycotting the ministers that are ripping people off every Sunday, and some of them living high on the hog while (some) neighborhoods surrounding the church are crime ridden, and crumpling around them. Such hypocrites!!! Don’t get me started. Stop being gullible people!!

  19. God Bless you, Pastor Donnie! Stand on the Word! REAL Christians should boycott the MLK event in DC. Dr King was a Man of God first before he became a civil rights icon..

  20. J.R. Johnson on said:

    I do believe that everyone is missing the big picture in all of this. So it is wrong for people to stand up for “Gay” rights and it is wrong to let everyone know that you have been delivered from homosexuality. Really!!!

  21. I agree with Donnie, freedom of speech if it’s done lovingly. Why can’t Christians speak out against homosexuality but gay right advocates are given platforms to promote their cause? SMH

    • BAM!! AGREE!! God can deliver people from ANYTHING!! The problem is gay people don’t see homosexuality as a sin or something that people need to be “delivered” from, so this is part of the disconnect/disagreement. Pastor Donnie has a right to speak about is own experience with homosexuality as gay people have the right to speak about theirs. Gay people don’t want people like Pastor Donnie to speak about being “delivered” from homosexuality because it can make them as a group not look to good. I believe that you should stand up for what you believe. If gay people believe in their lifestyles and they stand up for it, christians should be able to do the same. That is what this country is all about. I would still LOVE to see someone give a valid bible based reason why homosexuality is OK (not a sin) in the eyes of God. I don’t want to hear another persons OPINION on it, but tell me why God supports it in the bible. Help a brotha out with this info PLEASE!!!

    • Nora B
      I don’t think God “supported” slavery, violence and devaluing women, but I guess that is another topic for another day. “Supported” is a strong word. I highly doubt I get an answer to this question that would satisfy ANY christian.

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